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Madden 24 Best Passing Type Guide: Which Pass Style is Best?

Curious about the best passing type in Madden 24? We’ve got you covered with our guide to the best pass style in the new Madden game. Read on to learn how to pass with the best of them in the latest installment in the storied football franchise!

Choosing the passing style is one of the first things that new players do to configure their game, along with options like their favorite team. But, with three options that don’t explain much, which option is optimal for most Madden players? Here’s an overview of every choice, and how to choose the best Madden 24 passing type for you.

Madden 24 Pass Style Overview

Players have three options to choose from: Classic, Placement + Power, and Placement + Accuracy. You initially choose from these 4 when you first boot the game, but you can always change this by going to the Game Settings section in the settings menu from the main menu, or even the pause menu mid-game when playing offline. None of these pass styles are required online, so it’s up to personal preference of which Madden 24 passing type is best for you.

Classic is pretty close to what seasoned Madden players are used to. Press the receiver’s button to pass the ball to them, press a shown button to catch, and that’s about it. You can use some different controls to switch up your passing (hold a receiver’s button for a bullet pass, for example), but most of how a pass plays out is ultimately up to your QB rating.

Placement + Power (shown in the settings menu as just “Placement”) is another option, which departs pretty far from what players may be used to. This gives players a meter that appears when a player passes for them to hold down the receiver button to place a pass more effectively. In my experience, this version just felt like an extra step to get to the same results I would get on Classic.

Placement + Accuracy is a more advanced version of the Placement + Power style. This features the meter in the P+P style, but also includes a reticle for players to aim to be more accurate. Competitive & dedicated Madden players might get a lot of value out of mastering this system, but for more casual Madden players, it can be pretty intimidating.

What is the Best Madden 24 Passing Type?

Overall, for most players, Classic will likely be the best passing type to choose. It’s by far the simplest of the three options, and is far easier for players who have never played Madden, or even just those who took a few years off. If you’re a yearly grinder, though, mastering Placement + Accuracy could be pretty rewarding. Getting used to the meter & reticle can help you make up for shortcomings of a low-rated quarterback or throw under pressure. If you try one style and don’t like it, though, remember you can always head to the settings and change your choice!

That’s all you need to know about choosing the best passing type in Madden 24! Hopefully this accelerates your setup process so you can get on the field ASAP. While you’re here, though, check out how to claim the Madden 24 pre-order bonus!