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Lethal Company Guide: How To Farm Beehives Without Dying To Circuit Bees

Lethal Company is shaping up to be a sleeper hit, with its familiar extraction setup but fresh mechanics, and assortment of monstrous enemies. The most annoying enemy however are the Circuit Bees that inhabit the precious Beehives you’ll be gathering in the wild. This Lethal Company guide will detail how you can farm beehives without getting zapped into an early grave.

Best Moons To Farm Beehives In Lethal Company

Beehives are always found outside, with three moons in particular–Assurance, March, and Vow–being hot locations for them to appear, among the five lower difficulty moons with potential spawn locations. As with all scrap, the longer you hold on to them, the greater their value, maxing out at around 170 each.

Solo Farm Beehives In Lethal Company

If you have full health this is much simpler, as you can tank incidental damage from the bees while sprinting away from them. Remember that you’re going to need a low encumbrance as well in order to outrun pursuing bees without depleting stamina too soon.

Run directly for the beehive, swoop it up, and immediately sprint towards the ship. If you’re not at full health, try aggro’ing the bees followed by a quick U-turn away from the swarm to draw them off, then back around towards the beehive to snatch it up.

If you do run out of stamina, simply drop the beehive and the bees will end their pursuit as well. Once you’ve recovered you can continue with the process of getting the beehive back to the ship. Only allow your stamina to deplete to about a quarter to leave some room for error. Avoid slopes in your path, as they will slow you down enough for the bees to catch up to you, though juking around obstacles can confuse the bees long enough to benefit you.

Once you reach the ship, quickly clamber up the exterior and dump the beehive on the catwalks either along the side or the front, but nowhere close to the door. Just to be safe, you can then duck inside the ship and shut the door on them, though this is unnecessary as bees won’t really continue pursuit if you’re not carrying the beehive.

Dumping the beehive on the exterior of the ship allows you to freely enter and leave for the remainder of the mission without fear of aggro-ing the bees. If you have multiple beehives, space them out a bit. While bees have been known to aggro and clip through the walls of the ship, this is very rare.

Once you’ve amassed enough scrap and are ready to leave for orbit, initiate lift-off, then quickly run out the door. You should be just in time to see the bees get left behind by the ship with their beehive still aboard, which you must gather up as quickly as possible before heading back inside.

Co-Op Team Farm Beehives In Lethal Company

The only thing that changes here is that you can use two people to accomplish the same overall strategy. One to bait the bees and the other to snap up the beehive and run in the opposite direction, in which case you won’t really need to leave the beehive outside the ship at all.

This multiplayer approach is actually worse overall, as the now hive-less bees will take on a permanent aggressive stance where they will roam and randomly attack anyone at all that comes within striking distance. Sometimes the bees never stop chasing the bait runner. Only do this if you’re leaving the moon permanently soon after.

Those are all the tactics you can use to farm beehives safely and efficiently in Lethal Company. Check out our guides for the best mods for the game, as well as increasing lobby size to as many as a hundred players.

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