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Lethal Company Guide: The Best Lethal Company Mods

Lethal Company is the hottest multiplayer party game right now, recalling the runaway success of Among Us three odd years ago. While the title is still in Early Access, it does have full mod support with the blessing of its solo developer “Zeekerss”. This Lethal Company guide lists foundational mods built by the modding community, that don’t tamper with the game’s formula too much, while still greatly improving some game design mechanics for the better.

Thunderstore Mod Manager

Thunderstore is a database as well as an API for mods, and this is its in-house mod manager that simplifies the installation and management of mods. Think of it as Steam, but for game mods.

Thunderstore Mod Manager


Another mod manager just like the Thunderstore Overwolf App. Which one you end up using is entirely your preference, based on user interface and simplicity.

Keep in mind that these mod managers aren’t just for Lethal Company, but support a variety of other games.

Once you have made a selection with regards to mod manager, you can use them to search for mods by keyword, or browse the entirety of a specific game’s mod catalog manually. Here are our specific recommendations:


Best Lethal Company Mods: FOV Adjust By Rozebud

Lethal Company has a very claustrophobic feel as you peer out through your suit’s visor, and the game’s low default FOV of 66 doesn’t help matters. This mod will let you go as high as 130, which ought to alleviate that feeling to some degree. Recommended FOV is entirely subjective, so experiment with what works best, but 90 works well on a regular 16:9 monitor.

FOV Adjust

HDLethalCompany By Sligili

There’s no denying it: Lethal Company is hard on the eyes, especially for a generation of 4K photorealistic game players. This mod will make things just a little bit better to look at with a number of resolutions (all the way up to 3840×2060/4K), special effects tweaks, and video processing options. HDLethalCompany is in a constant state of being updated, even four times in the same day on one occasion, so if it breaks something in your game just try again later.


MikesTweaks By MikeMediaStudios

An all-encompassing mod that lets you keybind the flashlight and walkie most importantly, as well as other item slots, covering the functionalities of several other individual mods that do similar things. Six inventory slots, and tweaks to item weights and stamina are also bundled in here. And all of it is configurable of course.


ShipLobby By tinyhoot

Like most multiplayer games, you can expect player dropouts, intentional or otherwise, and this mod will allow players to join (or rejoin) crews once back in orbit. Only the host requires the mod to be installed. While LateCompany by anormaltwig performs a similar function and allows joining during missions in progress, it can cause desync issues that will disrupt gameplay. Your mileage may vary, so go ahead and try both.


LetMeLookDown By FlipMods

This might seem a bit silly, but this really is one of the best Lethal Company mods. With such a simplistic functionality you might ignore initially, you will come to appreciate its utility when you end up having to pry a Snare Flea off of your own head. This mod simply lets you look down further than normal.


Helmet Cameras By RickArg

Playing the role of the terminal/comms officer aboard the ship can be difficult enough if you can’t actually see what’s going on from your teammates’ perspectives. This mod lets you view things from the POV of other players by displaying it on a secondary monitor in the ship.

Helmet Cameras

Minimap By Tyzeron

Having to leave one player behind on the ship to man the terminals as the designated information officer can be quite boring for whomever gets saddled with the task. And solo players have to completely forgo the benefit of a comms teammate. This seemingly simple solution provides a full-featured and functioning minimap that can provide all the real-time information players in the field would need as they delve deep inside creepy installations.


F CKSpiders: Lethal Company Arachnophobia Mod By Odie

Arachnophobia is nothing to be ashamed about, and if you have issues with the multi-legged crawlies, consider this mod that simply kills Bunker Spiders on spawn itself, and purges both corpses and webs. Clean slate. Be sure to keep it updated in case the base game breaks something in the mod.

F CKSpiders

Brutal Company: Best Lethal Company Difficulty Mod By 2018

Once you’ve gotten a good grasp of Lethal Company’s mechanics you might begin to get bored with it, which is understandable as the game is still in Early Access. The Brutal Company mod will up the ante quite a bit, and provide all the challenge you need to renew your interest in the game.

Brutal Company

Best Lethal Company Cosmetic Mods

There are a number of mods for cosmetic customization, including DeadSpaceIssac Suits, the SCP Foundation Suit, the CombineEliteSuit (Half-Life), the ODST Suit (Halo), the SpiderManSuitV2, the BigBossSuit (Metal Gear Solid), and many more. Be sure to get the base mod More Suits by x753 which is a dependency for many suit mods. Use the search term “suit” to find everything currently available, or browse the catalog of TeamClark, a creator with some of the best suit creations available.

In-game posters might interest you as well, and there’s a selection of them to be found using the search term “poster”.

As a final note, be sure to note any mentions of “This mod requires the following mods to function” while installing any of the above. They are also mods, and are required dependencies–failure to download them will result in the game not loading your intended mods correctly.

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