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How to Mod Lethal Company & Play With More Players

Lethal Company may just be the best multiplayer party game we’ve seen since Among Us, but the default lobby size is woefully low at just four players. That’s where mods come in to set things right. This Lethal Company guide will walk you through how you can get up and running with massive multiplayer lobbies as high as a hundred players.

How to Mod Lethal Company

Your safest and most efficient method for modding Lethal Company is through the use of mod managers, not only ensuring that you don’t download suspect files, but also keeping your game updated automatically in an environment where mods are often revised several times in a single day. You can read our guide about Lethal Company mod managers & best mods for more info!

Before continuing further and making a choice between the two major alternatives currently available, note that your current ideal lobby size for stability should be a maximum of eight players. This ensures a polished experience that doesn’t deviate too far from the original game’s design, while also not crashing or freezing between moons, among other odd technical issues. Stability will improve as time goes by, and the community provides feedback for larger and larger lobbies.

Also note that both host and clients need to have the mods installed and updated in order to play in large lobbies.


BiggerLobby was the first mod to begin expanding Lethal Company’s lobby size. While not explicitly mentioned in its current description or changelog, BiggerLobby now supports 100 player lobbies at the time of this guide’s publication. BiggerLobby servers can be clearly sorted in the serverlist, if you’re comfortable playing with random strangers. Proximity voice chat has also been significantly tweaked to deal with issues with so many players jammed into a single server.

Note that the higher the player count, the greater the chances of the game just freezing and hanging between missions, as well as performance hiccups.


While BiggerLobby is the original mod for raising player count, MoreCompany leans toward a quality experience with fewer players. Comparatively, only up to 50 players can connect at the time of writing this guide, raised from 32 previously. The mod author recommends a maximum of eight players for the sake of UI stability, but testing is ongoing. As every possible scenario is explored with larger lobbies, that recommendation may well change. For a stress-free multiplayer experience, this is the lobby size mod to rely on.

There are also some community contributed cosmetics bundled in, that can be toggled on and off.

Cosmetic Mods

Also recommended but not at all necessary, are cosmetic suit mods that will help better differentiate between players. Color coordinating teams/groups of players is one way to go, but individuals might want to express themselves further using any number of costumes including DeadSpaceIssac Suits, the SCP Foundation Suit, the CombineEliteSuit (Half-Life), the ODST Suit (Halo), the SpiderManSuitV2, the BigBossSuit (Metal Gear Solid), and many more. This could make for some interesting roleplay scenarios as well.