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Infinite Craft How To Make Sushi

All the ingredients and the recipe for crafting Sushi in Infinite Craft

We’re preparing raw fish in this guide for making Sushi in Infinite Craft. While preparing Sushi in real life is a fairly complex process, in our current favorite browser game, it’s actually pretty easy.

Sushi is itself an ingredient in a number of other interesting recipes which are listed further down below.


Infinite Craft Sushi Recipe

In just six steps we can have our delicious Sushi.

Let’s begin combining the basics:

  • Water + Water = Lake
    • Lake + Lake = Ocean
      • Ocean + Water = Fish

With the Fish sliced we need our wrap:

  • Water + Earth = Plant
    • Plant + Fish = Seaweed

All that’s left now is to combine our two results:

Fish + Seaweed = Sushi

Suprisingly, Rice wasn’t required to craft Sushi, but could we combine the two and get something cool? Let’s see below.




Infinite Craft Sushi Results

Sushi can be combined with other ingredients, including:

  • Sushi + Sushi = Sashimi
  • Fire + Sushi = Wasabi
  • Wind + Sushi = Flying Fish
  • Earth + Sushi = Rice
  • Forest + Sushi = Bamboo
  • Bamboo + Sushi = Chopsticks
  • Lightning + Sushi = Electric Eel
  • Rainbow + Sushi = Unicorn
  • Dragon + Sushi = Dragon Roll
  • Electricity + Sushi = Battery


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That’s every ingredient and the recipe needed to make Sushi in Infinite Craft.

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