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Infinite Craft How To Make Baconator

All the ingredients and the recipe for crafting Baconator in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is the one of the strangest browser games you’ll ever play, and its viral popularity is soaring right now. The very essence of simplicity, the game really just boils down to combining two words together to get a third result. The combinations you can arrive at from just four starting words appears to be, well, infinite.

This Infinite Craft recipe guide is all about making Baconator, the famous cheeseburger from Wendy’s.


Infinite Craft Baconator Recipe

There are nine steps required to arrive at our goal.

Start with the basic elements:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
    • Dust + Fire = Ash
      • Ash + Water = Puddle

Separately we craft:

  • Water + Fire = Steam
    • Steam + Earth = Mud

Now we combine the two results:

  • Puddle + Mud = Pig

And then carry on with:

  • Pig + Fire = Bacon
    • Fire + Fire = Volcano

Combining those final two nets us:

  • Bacon + Volcano = Baconator




Infinite Craft Baconator Results

Baconator has some wild results when combined with other ingredients, including:

  • Tiger Woods + Baconator = Tigerator
  • Steam Punk + Baconator = Steam Baconator
  • Hero + Baconator = Superman
  • Gravity + Baconator = Black Hole
  • Tornado + Baconator = Baconado
  • Lightning + Baconator = Zeus
  • Rainbow + Baconator = Unicorn
  • Whale + Baconator = Whalecator
  • Clown + Baconator = Ronald McDonald


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That’s every ingredient and the recipe needed to make Baconator in Infinite Craft.

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