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Destiny 2: Lightfall Liming Harbor Region Chest Guide

Lightfall, the latest expansion to Destiny 2, has arrived and with it comes a new location to explore, the city of Neomuna on Neptune. As with other destinations, there are a series of chests scattered throughout Neomuna known as region chests. They can contain handy gear and glimmer that can help in the early hours of the expansion. Additionally, you’ll need to open three of them for the quest ‘From Zero…’, and all nine regional chests are required for the follow up quest, ‘…To Hero’, so be sure to seek them out as soon as you can. There are three regions in Neomuna with chests in them, so if you need help finding the chests in Liming Harbor, this guide can help.

Liming Harbor Regional Chests: Chest 1

The first chest we’ll direct you toward in Liming Harbor will be in the southwest corner. Head to the location in the image below to get started.

From here, you’ll notice some platforms above or around you. For this guide we’ll be focused on the ones above you.

You may not be able to jump up there on your own, so if you need some extra height I recommend using the Strand Grapple to slingshot your way up. Once you’ve made it up to the platform, you’ll see the chest ahead of you on the next platform.

Hop over and open it up, then head back to stable ground for the next chest.

Second Chest in Liming Harbor

The next chest is located inside the large building on the south side of Liming Harbor. Enter one of the large doors and head to the location on the map above.

From here you can see a platform placed above some large pipes, jump up to it and turn around.

This next platform is smaller, but definitely large enough to comfortably land, so jump to this next platform, and turn around again.

From here, the next pipe platform above you contains the chest, so jump up and open it.

On to the last chest!

Liming Harbor: Regional Chest 3

The last Liming Harbor region chest is also very simple to get to, once you know where to look. 

There is a pair of large spinning fans, and your chest lies behind them. They’re not difficult to pass through, but you’ll have to time your jump carefully so you don’t get knocked back, so we’re going to take a different approach.

Walk through the fan blades and face the platform above you.

Back up as much as you can, and you’ll be able to jump up without much trouble to get the last chest in Liming Harbor.

That’s all the chests in Liming Harbor! If you need help finding the regional chests in Zephyr Concourse or region chests of Ahimsa Park, we’ve got you covered.