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Destiny 2: Lightfall Zephyr Concourse Regional Chests Guide

Lightfall, the latest expansion to Destiny 2, has arrived and with it comes a new location to explore, the city of Neomuna on Neptune. As with other planets, moons and exotic locales, there are a series of chests scattered throughout Neomuna known as regional chests, including in the subregion Zephyr Concourse. They contain handy gear and glimmer that can help in the early hours of the expansion, and you need to open three for the quest ‘From Zero…’, so be sure to seek them out as soon as you can. There are three regions in Neomuna with chests in them, so if you need help finding the regional chests in Zephyr Concourse, this guide can help.

Zephyr Concourse Regional Chests: Chest 1

If you enter Zephyr Concourse from Striders’ Gate, this will be the nearest chest, so take care of this one first. We’ve included a screenshot of the map to show where you should be standing.

From the ground floor you’ll see a balcony, you can either jump up directly or enter the building and go up the stairs to exit from the second level.

Once you’ve made your way up, look toward the pathway leading to Striders’ Gate. Refer to your map if you need further guidance, or this picture.

You’ll need to leap up on the platform jutting out of the wall, then turn around and jump on the sloped roof and follow it up to find the chest.

Congratulations, one down, two to go!

Second Chest in Zephyr Concourse

The location of the second chest in Destiny 2: Lightfall Zephyr Concourse.

The next chest we’ll direct you to is on the west side of Zephyr Concourse. Once again, refer to the map screen above for the right location.

If you’re looking at the wall, you’ll notice the chest sitting in a room behind some glass, but you can’t break it, so you’ll have to find another way in.

If you turn around and head to the floor beneath your current one, you’ll find another window nearby, this time with broken glass.

Enter the cell, and jump up into the wall vent, summoning your ghost to light the way. The hall is a single corridor so use your ghost to light the way and you’ll find the chest in no time. Just one more to go!

Zephyr Concourse: Third Regional Chest

The third Zephyr Concourse regional chest location in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

The third and final region chest in Zephyr Concourse is located on the southeast side. It’s also the easiest to find, when you know where to look. Once again, refer to the map above to make sure you’re in the right place.

When you’re standing at the edge of the building you’re on, look down to the makeshift platforms. One of them will be situated in front of an opening in the face of the wall. Jump down to it.

Once you’ve landed on it, the chest will be right in front of you. Open it and you’ll have each region chest in Zephyr Concourse. Congratulations!

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