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Destiny 2: Lightfall Ahimsa Park Region Chest Guide

Lightfall, the latest expansion to Destiny 2, has arrived and with it comes a new location to explore, the city of Neomuna on Neptune. As with other destinations, there are a series of chests scattered throughout Neomuna known as region chests. They can contain handy gear and glimmer that can help in the early hours of the expansion. Additionally, you’ll need to open three of them for the quest ‘From Zero…’, and all nine regional chests are required for the follow up quest, ‘…To Hero’, so be sure to seek them out as soon as you can. There are three regions in Neomuna with chests in them, so if you need help finding the chests in Ahimsa Park, this guide can help.

Ahimsa Park Regional Chests: Chest 1

The first Ahimsa Park chest we’ll direct you to is on the south edge of the area. If you’re entering Ahimsa Park from Liming Harbor, this will be on your left. Either way, head to the location on the map above.

From here, you should spot the side of a building with a pair of awnings.

The further of the two is holding the regional chest, but it’s a bit too far to jump, so use the Strand Grapple to help you across.

Once you successfully land, collect the chest and head back for the next chest.

Ahimsa Park Region Chests: Chest 2

Head to the north side of Ahimsa Park for the next chest. This one is a little tricker to find, but head to the location in the map above, including facing the same direction.

From here you can see a jagged cliffside, but the lower edges are safe to walk along, so jump down to one of the ledges and turn around.

There are caves ahead of you carved out of the cliffside. Follow along the wall on your left, and the chest will be in the first open space.

Head back up to the highest level to get the last chest in Ahimsa Park.

Ahimsa Park Regional Chests: Chest 3

This is another tricky chest to find, but with our guide you shouldn’t have any troubles. As always, head to the location marked on the map.

Head forward until the large stone pillar is on your right, then look left, where you’ll see a small hole with light coming out.

Head down and turn around, you’ll see a lantern. Jump down and the chest will be hidden away in the back, use the lantern for reference here.

Once you grab this chest, you’ve got all three in the region! If you’re having trouble finding the regional chests in Zephyr Concourse or need a Liming Harbor region chest guide, we can help.