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Dead Space Remake Level 6 Suit Upgrade Guide: How to Unlock

Dead Space Remake, while being a from-the-ground-up remake of the original 2008 game, has taken a look back at its progenitor and faithfully recreated one of its ultimate unlockables: the Level 6 Suit, along with some embellishments on the original design. The Level 6 suit is the strongest armor available in the Remake and provides Isaac with a whopping 30% armor stat, a 10% increase from the previous advanced engineer’s Level 5 suit and comes in the style of the EDF troopers you’ll remember from Chapter 9’s mission aboard the Valor.

Dead Space Remake: How to Unlock the Level 6 EDF Suit

If you’re looking for the best armor Dead Space Remake has to offer, then the final Level 6 suit upgrade for Isaac will take some effort to acquire, a whole playthrough’s worth of effort. The level 6 suit isn’t available during a first playthrough and requires the player to reach New Game Plus, it’s not immediately given to you, however. 

To unlock the Level 6 EDF suit, do the following:

  1. Beat the Game on any difficulty. 
    • New Game Plus will unlock along with some credits as a reward to take into the next playthrough.
  2. From the Main Menu, choose the New Game + option below New Game, and begin the game anew on any difficulty.
  3. Follow the beginning of Chapter 1, right until you arrive at the game’s first Store, in the Hangar Deck’s Tram Control area.
  4. Interact with the shop, you’ll get all your previous gear back and see that the EDF RIG is now available for purchase.
  5. Purchase the Level 6 suit for $99,000.

That’s it. Just a quick, near-naked stint through the game’s opening again and you’ll be rewarded with the best armor available. For more Dead Space guides, check out where to find all seven pesky crew rigs for the Master Override permissions.