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Content Warning List Of All Items

Trying to figure out what item does exactly what in Content Warning? Here’s a complete list of everything you can buy with your hard-earned SpöökTube revenue in the game.


Content Warning List Of All Enemies


Content Warning All Items





Old Flashlight$20Light up your surroundings and your videos
Flare$40Light up your surroundings and your videos
Modern Flashlight$150An upgraded flashlight
Long Flashlight$200An upgraded flashlight
Modern Flashlight Pro$500An upgraded flashlight
Long Flashlight Pro$600The ultimate flashlight


Hugger$100Equip and hug your buddies to heal up
Defibrillator$300Resurrect your buddies after they pay the ultimate price


Boom Mic$100A video upgrade that can pick up audio better
Clapper$100A video upgrade that can act as a chapter break
Goo Ball$150Trap or slow down creatures for better shots or to escape
Shock Stick$400Stun creatures for content or to escape




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That’s all of the items so far in Content Warning as of right now. Let’s hope that future updates and community mods increase that to a lot more cool gadgets and doodads.

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