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Content Warning How To Increase Views

Trying to get more views and money fast on SpöökTube for your hard gained content? Here are some tips to boost your engagement in the game

Content Warning is a somewhat satirical take on the mad chase for views that some real-life content creators will engage in. In the game however, you and your buddies will be sharing footage of terrifying close encounters with freaks and monsters, all in the hope of maximizing your view count at the end of the run. But how does that system work exactly? Let’s find out.


Content Warning List Of All Enemies


Content Warning: How To Get More Views?

The viewer engagement system in Content Warning isn’t transparent at all (just like YouTube), so it can be difficult to determine exactly what goes wrong when it does, and what went right when the video goes viral. Some of the things you can try:

  • Think about what makes great real-life YouTube videos. A nice intro and outro, a selfie shot, and content in the middle of it all.


  • Capture footage with both players and monsters in the same shot. For example, a monster in the background as one of you emotes in the foreground, is the perfect crowd-pleaser. And the more the merrier.


  • Don’t shy away from gore. If a buddy gets taken down, get that footage too! You can’t bring them back right now, but don’t let their loss be in vain.


  • And it’s not just monster interactions that result in death which can generate views. Since the game simulates physics, any other sources of player damage like falling from a height or a friendly thwack from another buddy can provide entertainment to the masses.


  • Film their corpses as well, as that really gets the audience going. Maybe even get a still living buddy in the frame, to emote and voice chat while doing so.


  • Resurrecting your dead buddies in the field with the Defibrillator? Film that! It might even be worth it to be intentionally taken down, and brought back, for content.


  • Broadly speaking, you should film almost every unique object you come across. Skulls? Bones? Diving Bells? Get it all, at least once, if not every time.


  • There is a plethora of creatures in the game, and not only should you film every single one, you should try and capture footage of them in motion, doing their unique move for example.


  • Once you unlock an item that allows for fending off creatures, such as the Goo Ball or the Shock Stick, that initial use will give you a good chunk of views as well. If you happen to come across something you can pick up and thwack monsters with, that will suffice as well.


  • Goofing off on camera is also a source of views. Voice chatting and emoting on film adds a touch of the ordinary to your footage, before things take a turn, so to speak.


  • Invest your initial income in better equipment. Prioritize a better light, so you can actually see what you’re doing. Next is the Boom Mic, and the Clapper, in that order.


Content Warning: What Are Views For?

Just like in real life, more views = more revenue. The hint is right there in the title: Content. Content is king, and views are gold. The income generated will come in handy for acquiring new items, which in turn open up new avenues for generating more income. Keep that cycle going for as long as possible.


Content Warning List Of All Items


That’s all we have for maximizing your view count in Content Warning for Steam PC.

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