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Content Warning List Of All Enemies

Here’s a list of all 23 creatures and monsters in Content Warning, along with their true names and their renders

The viral videogame hit about achieving virality, Content Warning, has a bevy of monsters to capture footage of, or die to, if you’re not cautious. While their true names have been unknown thus far, an enterprising player on Steam rifled through the game’s files and extracted both that and their renders for all of us to see.

We have them all listed here, as well as a description of their moveset, and some tactics to use against them. As stated by the user:

Names are also from the game files

Note that this guide is a work-in-progress. Watch this space for more.


Content Warning How To Increase Views



Status Unknown.


Big Slap

This giant of an adversary poses the literal biggest threat of all monsters in the Old World. First he charges, then he slaps, and if not a one-hit kill, it will be pretty close to death for the victim. Run. Hide. That’s all you can do.



This legless humanoid has massive mitts to compensate, and uses them to toss bombs at spotted SpookTubers. They also have suicidal tendencies and will leap at you if in close proximity, before self-detonating. With both a slow move speed and attack speed, this one is relatively easy to evade.


Barnacle Ball

This weird little ball of barnacles for legs is deceptively dangerous. While not much to look at, it has three distinct attack types: a deadly melee attack that can kill in three hits; a ranged spit at out of reach or distant targets that can disorient them; and a whirlwind that suctions everyone who’s caught in the vortex towards it, where the melee attack is then deployed simultaneously. Avoid this one in any way possible, but remember that the ranged attack can still reach out and touch even if you’re perched up high somewhere. The only way to escape the vortex is to use the environment as hard cover.



This four-legged machine will fire a hail of bullets at you and your buddies. Take cover, and try to evade its scanner while putting some distance between you. Once a target is caught in the red scanning beam, it will focus on them before spinning up their gun. Being as low slung as they are, it’s entirely possible to leap over their heads.



A skeletal humanoid with nothing but an ear for a head. Lopes around on all fours, and grabs SpookTubers to damage them. Shrug them off, and yell at them to scare Ear away. Ear is paradoxically drawn to sounds, even the lowest of them, but can also be chased off with loud noises. While you could avoid them by being ultra-stealthy, that’s pointless given how little damage they can do.


Eye Guy

Essentially a non-threat, EyeGuy won’t be aggravated into attacking you if you can avoid beaming it with your lights, even the camera light. Capture footage from as far as possible and be on your way. If you do engage it, then expect to die in 6-8 hits. Easily escaped by simply sprinting away from it.



If there’s a monster worse than Big Slap, this would be it. Flicker has a Medusa like effect on any SpookTubers caught looking at it, as in instantaneous death. Avoid this fate by being vigilant: if the screen flickers red briefly, that means a Flicker is in proximity. Quickly turn and face a blank wall. As long as you don’t witness it materializing and shuffling around, you’ll be fine. If you do see it though, don’t even bother looking away: you’re already dead. You just don’t know it yet.



Status Unknown.



Would be cute if it was Halloween, but it isn’t, and this one’s not a sweet child either. You’ll hear the distinct giggling just in time to see it leap at the nearest target; five strikes and you’re dead. A bum-rush type of enemy, do your best to dodge the stabbing, for as long as possible. Eventually it will just fade away, after a maximum of 30 seconds. Can number anywhere between one and five.



This gelatinous blob is going to rush you and envelope you, to carry you off for a meal, no doubt. Your only option is to dodge as quickly as you can. Use corners and stairs, if you can. While contact itself won’t kill you, Jello is going to drag you towards monsters that will.



This centipede-looking crawler is deceptively slow. Slithering cautiously at first, it will dash and grab a Spooktuber before hurling them away for half their health. Worse, if there’s a team mate nearby, then can expect to find the victim hurled at them instead, dealing damage to both players. Your best bet is to get your footage and skedaddle. If someone does get caught, just let it happen instead of getting close: better one of you takes the hit, than two of you needing a hug from the Hugger afterwards.



This goofy little cookie-head with a wide mouth is a screamer. Victims will be deafened by Mouthe for the remainder of the session, meaning they won’t be able to hear voice comms from team mates. Not much of a threat overall, and easily shooed away by a group of at least two Spooktubers.



Half-Life players will recognize the Barnacle rope anywhere. The Slurper dangles the rope down similarly and will reel in and consume anyone unfortunate to get too close. SpookTubers captured by a Jello will suffer a similar fate as they are dragged to the nearest Slurper. Try hurling (hold Throw to charge) a throwaway item at them if they capture a team mate, to force it to release your buddy.


Slurper Hand

Status Unknown. Can spawn between one and five at a time.



This fella tends to slink around the shadows, waiting on the opportunity to lunge out and carry off one of you into the darkness. Light is its bane, so send it scampering with the camera, flares, or flashlights. Can appear alone or up to five at a time.



Spider does what spiders do. Fires webby balls which pop open into actual sticky webs on impact. Once prey has been captured in its web, it will begin biting. Each bite can take about a quarter of a SpookTuber’s health. Don’t think, just run away.


Content Warning Arachnophobia Mode


Toolkit Fan

Status Unknown.


Toolkit Hammer

Status Unknown.


Toolkit Iron

Status Unknown.


Toolkit Vaccuum

Status Unknown.


Toolkit Whisk

This toolhead will barrel right at you in a beeline, and makes an awful noise which is good for detection purposes. Easy to evade by simply side-stepping it. It can take half your health if it gets you. Try luring it into walls to stun it, or perhaps even lasers; that will make for good content! Can spawn between one and three at a time.



This sentient medieval torture device will only move when not being looked at directly. SpookTubers that are grabbed will be imprisoned within Weeping. Team mates can set you free by solving the captcha (Catchya) on the tablet that Weeping hands out. If you’re alone when it gets you, that’s that. Easily avoided, just keep them in your eyeline as you sidle past them and onwards. Between one and two of them can appear at a time.



These little creepers are slow but grabby and can spawn between three and five at a time. Sheer numbers can overrun you, so just stay a few steps ahead of them and you’ll be fine. Eventually they’ll forget all about you.


Content Warning List Of All Items


Those are all 23 current monsters in Content Warning. Only time will tell if we see more of these creeps in future updates.

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