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Content Warning Failed To Extract Error Bug Fix

A guide on how to recover from the failed to extract bug currently faced by players of Content Warning on Steam PC

The central premise of Content Warning has you and your buddies film yourselves with freakish monsters and escape with the footage. Unfortunately, that first bit has some players running into trouble with lost video footage. So what to do if you get the “failed to extract” bug? Well we’ve got the known solutions right here.


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Content Warning Failed To Extract Error Bug Fix

In order to recover lost footage from a bugged extraction, press F3 to view a directory where all session videos are stored. Since this is a temp directory, DO NOT close the game. Doing so will wipe that folder clean.



This is obviously for the person holding the camera. Each file is an individual clip saved from pressing Record.

Additionally, individual frames from the recording are also saved as .png files.

When you return to safety, the final tape is generated, and that too is stored in this folder.

Should F3 fail to work, navigate to:


from where you can find the directory structure.


As for preventing the bug from happening at all: relegate a single player to act as videographer. That way all footage is being saved on a single PC, rather than being strung together from different sources. Next, avoid making dozens of distinct recordings in the same session, as that will cause problems when the time comes to splice them all together as well. Bear in mind that this is actual data being created on your actual PC, and while small overall, your own drive space may be an issue as well.

If those steps didn’t resolve the issue for you, rest assured that the developers are aware of the bug and are currently working on it:



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That’s all we have for the failed to extract error currently plaguing Content Warning on Steam PC.

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