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Call of Duty MW3 Longshot Guide: SMG Longshot Distance

Longshot distances are a key part of challenges in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Each class has a different distance that needs to be met in order to be considered a longshot. Therefore, SMGs are no different. These fast-firing weapons are great for short distances but can be tricky to nail down enemies far away. We’ve compiled all you need to know about the SMG longshot distance in MW3

SMG Longshot Distance for MW3SMG Longshot Guide MW3

The current kill distance required for an SMG kill to be considered a longshot in MW3 is 30 meters. This is quite far away if you think about it. Generally, like shotguns, SMGs are used for encounters less than 20 meters. For enemies further than that, you tend to rely on weapons like an Assault Rifle or even a Sniper Rifle.

The easiest method to use for SMGs is to find a blind spot on the map with a long stretch and stay there. This way, you’ll be able to scope in on enemies immediately from a distance. Additionally, we do recommend tuning your SMG with a suitable Optic attachment. With this, you will have the best chance to earn longshots.

Tips for SMG Longshots

First off, you should look to get into either Ground War or Team Deathmatch. Both of these modes last a good amount of time and should give you plenty of opportunities to take out opponents from a distance. With TDM, look for smaller maps. MW3 lets you vote on maps prior to each round, so take advantage of that feature before each game to choose smaller maps.

As for Ground War, we can’t recommend this mode enough for longshots. It takes place as an all-out brawl on larger maps, giving you countless opportunities for long-distance shooting. For longshots, this is essential. While you can find success in either of these modes, it ultimately depends on what you feel most comfortable with. Completing longshot challenges is difficult, so take your time and find what works best for you.

Another great way to ensure you’re set up for longshots is tuning your aim assist settings. Learn what aim assist settings are best for controller users!