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Call of Duty MW3 Longshot Guide: Shotgun Longshot Distance

The shotgun might be one of the trickiest classes to handle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Although it excels at short-range combat, what happens when you need to kill at long-range? This comes into play when needing longshot kills with a shotgun in MW3, which will be required to earn certain camos. 

There are plenty of methods to use to make the most out of each match when you’re looking for longshots. Here is everything you need to know about the Shotgun class longshots in MW3

Shotgun Class Longshot Distance in MW3Shotgun Call of Duty MW3 Longshot Distance Guide

The distance needed for a shotgun kill to qualify as a longshot is over 12.5 meters. While this doesn’t seem that far compared to other longshot distances like the launcher, it’s not easy with a shotgun. Naturally, you’ll need to focus on tuning your weapon to focus on range rather than explosiveness. That firepower isn’t needed, considering these shots are not close-range. Additionally, it could be worth it to implement a laser or optic attachment to your shotgun for better accuracy and precision. 

Best Shotguns to Use for Longshots

First, we do not recommend using an auto-shotgun for these kills. While they have more ammo than traditional shotguns, the range cannot come close to that of the Bryson 800 or similar. The best shotguns to use for long-distance are the Lockwood 300, Bryson 800, or the Lockwood 680. These are all semi-automatic shotguns that have plenty of room for growth with range. 

As for the best modes with shotguns, we recommend Team Deathmatch or similar. This will grant you access to smaller maps, like Rust, where you can easily pull off longshot shotgun kills. Other modes like Ground War are too big for this weapon, as they are more positioned for long-ranged combat with weapons like a Sniper Rifle. The shotgun class is great to use with slide kills, which can open up a new textbook of plays for you to use when grinding for longshots.