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Call of Duty MW2: How to Unlock Polyatomic Camo on All Weapons

How to add another mastery camo to your growing collection.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) is here, and brings with it four mastery camos to unlock for each of your weapons, including polyatomic camo. These mastery camos mark a truly skilled player. This guide will get you the penultimate mastery camo to prove your worth to all of the players in your lobby. What better way to prove you’re a big shot than with this vibrant purple camo?

Unlocking the base camos is even easier in MW2, which will help you on your way to unlocking the polyatomic camo. Only having four base camos for most weapons (only one for melee weapons and launchers) means far less challenges on the path to unlocking the polyatomic camo, and far less time spent on each weapon. Because of this, just about anyone can get their hands on polyatomic camo. It’ll take time, but, eventually, you’ll be able to earn this stylish weapon pattern.

Call of Duty MW2: How to Unlock Polyatomic Camo

How to unlock Call of Duty MW2's polyatomic camos.

The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your prerequisites are met. Before unlocking Polyatomic camo, you will need to earn the gold camo for all of Modern Warfare 2‘s weapons.  Luckily, if you haven’t done that yet, you can find our handy guide on unlocking gold camo here. This will unlock the platinum camo for each of the weapons as well. Once you’ve unlocked platinum, you can begin to pursue the Polyatomic camo challenges.

CoD Modern Warfare 2: All Polyatomic Camo Challenges

There are a few different varieties of challenges you’ll be faced with when you pursue the polyatomic camo challenge. Luckily, these are organized by the type of weapon, making it pretty easy to understand what you need to do for each weapon. Here are the polyatomic challenges for every MW2 weapon type:

  • Assault rifles, sniper rifles, battle rifles, SMGs, LMGs: 25 headshots
  • Shotguns & pistols: 20 headshots
  • Launchers: 15 double kills
  • Knife: 10 double kills
  • Riot Shield: 10 kills from behind

These challenges are all pretty doable, and shouldn’t be too difficult. They may be time consuming, but there are ways to make the grind quicker. If you use the game modes mentioned in our guide for how to level up Modern Warfare 2‘s guns faster,  your grind for these headshots and double kills will be a smooth ride. After you unlock Polyatomic camo for all of your weapons, go ahead and check out our general camo unlock guide to finish up your mastery camo journey!