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CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022): How to Unlock Gold Camo on All Weapons

Give your weapons that Midas touch.

Like most Call of Duty games before it, one of the best ways to prove your worth in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is with the camo on your gun. These mastery camos mark a truly skilled player. This guide will get you started on the way to unlocking these mastery camos by showing you how to unlock gold camos for all of your weapons.

Unlocking the base camos is even easier in Modern Warfare 2, which will help you on your way to unlocking the gold camo. Only having four base camos means far less challenges on the path to unlocking the gold & other mastery camos, and far less time spent on each weapon. Because of this, just about anyone can get their hands on gold camo. Yes, even your friend who struggles to keep a KD above 1.0.

Call of Duty MW2: How to Unlock Gold Camos for Every Weapon

How to unlock gold camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

After you earn the four base camos for each of CoD MW2‘s weapons,  you’ll unlock another challenge  to beat before you can eventually rock the gold camo for your weapon of choice. There is also a PC-specific bug that makes the weapon’s gold challenge not show if you hover your mouse over the icon after unlocking the base camos. Rest assured it’s still counting your progress in the background, and the gold camo will still unlock normally.

Luckily, the challenges for all the weapons are pretty simple. For most weapons, the challenge will be easy to complete. For all weapon types except rocket launchers, you will need to get three kills without dying ten different times. For rocket launchers, the requirement changes to two kills without dying ten times. Either way, the challenge shouldn’t be too daunting for any player.

A way to make these challenges easier is choosing the right game mode. To maximize getting kills, you can largely follow our guide to level up guns in Modern Warfare 2 faster. Gold camos are more accessible than ever in Modern Warfare 2, a relief for most players, and perhaps a disappointment to others who prefer their mastery camos to be more exclusive.

If you’re wanting to unlock the rest of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s camos, check out our camo unlock guide for all of Modern Warfare 2‘s mastery camos!