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What Is the Most Popular Video Game in Each State?

Between the successful launches of Tears of the Kingdom and Baldur’s Gate 3, and several high profile releases still on the horizon, video games are having a banner year. Beyond the overall best seller list, today we’ll reveal what the most popular video game in state of the U.S. is, according to all-time unique sales. 

Alabama: NCAA Football 14 (2013)

This makes sense and is also very sad at the same time. Poor bastards keeping their 360’s hooked up because they haven’t had a new college football game in 10 years.

Alaska: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

They have those long ass 18 hour nights in Alaska at certain times of the year. What a great excuse to play Skyrim for 21 hours straight.

Arizona: Arizona Sunshine (2016)

Oh, get over yourselves, Arizona. You dorks.

Arkansas: North & South (1989)

If you tell someone from Arkansas that it’s weird to just single out this one old Civil War game for its ‘historical accuracy,’ they’ll just swear at you and insist there’s no deeper reason they’ve decided to hyperfocus on this one. Just leave it alone, I say. But I think we can all agree it’s a little weird.

California: Diablo IV (2023)

This game is popular all over, but interestingly seems more so in the states that are constantly on fire these days. Coincidence? Tough to say!

Colorado: Tetris (1985)

They’re just smoking weed and playing Tetris in Colorado. Like, that’s it. The place is crumbling, but the vibes are through the roof.

Connecticut: Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (2009)

This game has a bonus level set at Marshall College. That’s obviously going to be pretty tough to beat. It’s not the most realistic, but it’s still pretty neat if you went there. Don’t forget to equip the bazooka if you’re having trouble! 

Delaware: Wii Sports (2006)

They’re still really fired up about the Wii in Delaware. They can’t handle much more excitement than that, I’m afraid.

Florida : Scarface: The World is Yours (2006)

Alongside retirees and party animals, a lot of people move to Florida with aspirations of becoming a drug kingpin. Step one: You gotta find a place. Step two: You play through this game for a step-by-step outline of how to achieve your goals. Step three: Watch your wildest dreams come true.

Georgia: Fortnite (2017)

The ability to play as so many famous Georgia natives, from 39th President Jimmy Carter to problematic baseball legend Ty Cobb, has made this a Georgia favorite throughout the years. Fans continue to lobby for the inclusion of Doc Holliday, Ryan Seacrest, and Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Hawaii : Mortal Kombat 3 (1995)

I visited Hawaii in the summer of ’95, and everyone in the arcade was crazy about Mortal Kombat 3! It was the most popular game there by far. They love that game out there.

Idaho: Stardew Valley (2016)

Stardew Valley is popular all over of course, but we suspect it tops the list in Idaho since there’s a decent amount of potato stuff in there.

Illinois: Mafia Wars (2008)

After the popular multiplayer social media game shut down in 2016, a group of dedicated players in Chicago dedicated themselves to recreating the game’s environment in the streets, giving birth to what some have called an even more savage mob than the infamous Chicago gangs from a century prior.

Indiana: PowerWash Simulator (2022)

This one makes sense to me. I’ve had some great times in Indiana, but I’ve also definitely seen parts that could stand to be hosed down.

Iowa: Hades (2018)

I asked my buddy Parker who lives in Iowa, and he said Hades. If you’re from Iowa and disagree, take it up with Parker.

Kansas: Road Rash (1991)

I drove across the country last year, and I know you’ll think I’m exaggerating, but the highways of Kansas are exactly like Road Rash. People on motorcycles whipping the shit out of each other. I am not sure which inspired which, but be careful if you’re driving through Kansas. I think they play the game a lot to stay sharp out there. Pretty messed up.

Kentucky: Kentucky Route Zero (2013)

While often praised as a surreal and experimental odyssey through a vividly imagined dreamscape, residents often counter that narrative by insisting that’s actually just what it’s like in Kentucky.

Louisiana: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest (1995)

People from Dixieland got a hold of Dixie Kong and never looked back. If you wander around the French Quarter, one in every two people you ask will have a Dixie Kong tattoo they’ll proudly show you.

Maine: The Lawnmower Man (1993)

Isn’t it weird that this Super Nintendo adaptation of a movie based on a short story is the closest thing to a Stephen King video game there’s been? It wins Maine by default, but since I have your attention, what if someone made a Shining game where’s it’s a simulation of each day over the course of the winter and more horrible things keep happening? Oh, or a Long Walk online racing game!

Maryland: Duck Hunt (1984)

It’s been nearly 40 years and these weirdos simply refuse to play anything else.

Massachusetts: Assassin’s Creed III (2012)

Until they release an updated version that lets you walk up and down modern Lansdowne Street roughing up whoever annoys you, this recreation of Revolutionary War-era Boston is the one to beat.

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