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Every ‘Mario Party’ Level Ranked by How Good They Would Be To Host Your Wedding Reception

20. Mystery Land (Mario Party 2)

This is actually four different venues, so you’re gonna have to share the space with a crypto-conference, a medical supply expo, and a haunted doll collectors convention.

19. Toad’s Midway Madness (Mario Party 4)

This is like having your wedding at Disney. Some people will think it’s magical. Some people will think it’s weird as hell. And at least a couple people will wind up in the secret underground jail for getting too rowdy.

18. Airship Central (Mario Party 10)

You better get a witch or a godly weatherman to guarantee you have a nice day for a reception here. Hard to have cover from a storm when you are inside it.

17. Woody Woods (Mario Party 3)

Woody Woods will supply the beautiful nature and soft places to pass out on. You need to supply the bathrooms and the “How to Spot Poison Ivy” pamphlets.

16. Neon Heights (Mario Party 7)

As with any downtown reception, parking is going to be a nightmare! Especially where you’re competing with the theater, the Stars’ game, film set closures and the… rocket launch? Ya know, regular city stuff.

15. Bowser’s Warped Orbit

(Mario Party 8)

All your guests would have a great eye-line to you here, no matter where you sat them. That is, as long as you could get Bowser to give up the spotlight which, for someone who has made countless castles, robots, and cars in his own image, might be hard to do.

14. Eternal Star (Mario Party)

 It’s big, very private, and has art everywhere, but you can’t have a childless wedding because it’s littered with Baby Bowsers. Sorry parents looking to unleash for the night.

13. Horror Land (Mario Party 2)

Ghosts party here, so you can invite all your dead relatives! But be careful, catering still counts them for meals even though they can’t eat anymore.

12. Chilly Waters (Mario Party 3)

Great spot for a winter wedding. Too bad it’s booked solid by people trying to enjoy it before climate change ruins the vibes.

11. Bowser’s Nightmare (Mario Party 5)

If you can put up the heat from below, this is a great spot for a reception. You and your guests will never forget partying in a king’s palace and leaving him to clean up the mess.

10. Yoshi’s Tropical Island (Mario Party)

A great spot for an island wedding, just turn up the music to drown out the sounds of the stranded Yoshi.

9. Mushroom Park (Mario Party 10)

This is a great alternative if you wanted to have your reception at the Universal Nintendo Land, but are no longer welcome there after you tried to “free the toads from Peach’s tyrannical fist”, or more accurately “drunkenly charged a prop castle”.

8. Castaway Bay (Mario Party 6)

You’re going to get lodging, scenic photo locales, great fresh food, even transportation! Sure, one of the boat drivers is a greedy beast who hoards resources and will destroy anyone who gets in the way, but you can always skip Donkey Kong’s boat and wait for Bowser.

7. King Boo’s Haunted Hideaway

(Mario Party 8)

The shifting rooms in King Boo’s Mansion are a great way to occupy some of your family members who have been doing their own research and are very vocal about it.

6. Windmillville (Mario Party 7)

The Mushroom Kingdom’s version of Amsterdam is on the way here. Make a quick stop if you really want to party.

5. Shy Guy’s Jungle Jam (Mario Party 4)

Since Shy Guy is a self-admitted coward, this is like partying on a movie set. Everything looks intense, but is completely controlled. It’s like having a great florist. It’s perfect if you want an outdoor reception without worrying about storms, mosquitos, or those tiny fish that swim up your urethra and latch on.

4. Deep Bloober Sea (Mario Party 3)

One of the few places you don’t have to worry about trashing the ocean because that vacuum fish will suck it all up at the end of the night. Go wild!

3. Mario’s Rainbow Castle (Mario Party)

The views here are breathtaking and Lakitu’s there to catch anyone who might stumble, so take advantage of that open bar.

2. Grand Canal (Mario Party 7)

This is the next best thing to a Venice wedding! Also, unrelated, but do you think the folks in the Mushroom kingdom made this for Mario thinking he was from Italy, then, after they found out he wasn’t, had to do a quick rebrand?

1. Waluigi’s Island (Mario Party 3)

Waluigi hates seeing others’ happiness. He wants to ruin your big day, so you’ll be as miserable as him. But the universe is so diametrically opposed to Waluigi getting what he wants that in trying kill the party, he will Wile E. Coyote his way into giving you the best damn wedding reception there has ever been.

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