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Every ‘Mario Party’ Level Ranked by How Good They Would Be To Host Your Wedding Reception

47. Undersea Dream (Mario Party 5)

Back in 2003, when Mario Party 5 came out, the vibrant coral and aquatic life made this a beautiful locale to celebrate. Now the coral’s bleached, the fish left are half-plastic, and the clamshells are all vape shops.

46. Pirate Dream (Mario Party 5)

Someone’s going to fall off a cliff, then your reception is going to turn into a crime scene, and then a murder mystery. That could be fun, though! You know, minus the part where someone you liked enough to invite to your reception is dead.

45. Shy Guy’s Perplex Express (Mario Party 8)

Even more of a guarantee your reception will turn into a murder mystery! Make sure you book a detective along with your music and day-of coordinator.

44. Towering Treetop (Mario Party 6)

The giant tree that you’d be spending all night has a booming voice and just got into stand-up, so be prepared for your reception to be interrupted by non-stop bits, insults disguised as “roast jokes”, and the dumbest philosophy talk you’ve ever heard.

43. Sweet Dream (Mario Party 5)

The giant desserts are super-enticing, but this place has weird Willy Wonka rules where if your guests eat too much of the venue they suffer an ironic punishment and a bunch of orange toads sing about how bad a person they are to your other guests.

42. Western Land (Mario Party 2)

Western Land is in a dry county. Have fun drinking milk all night!

41. Pirate Land (Mario Party 2)

It’s a nice tropical locale, but either you or your partner are going to be kidnapped, ransomed, and possibly fall in love with your captor. That’s just Pirates and Weddings 101.

40. Goomba’s Booty Boardwalk (Mario Party 8)

What did we just tell you about pirates and weddings?! You’re gonna get caught in the Bermuda love triangle!

39. Whomps Domino Ruins (Super Mario Party)

Make sure you clearly separate the party favors and the ruins cursed treasures BEFORE your guests arrive. You don’t want anyone confusing them and accidentally releasing a flood of snakes at the end of the night.

38. DKs Jungle Adventure

(Mario Party)

Sure, it’s pretty and exotic, but catering is only bananas and the dance floor keeps getting cleared by rolling boulders and Thwomps falling during the Wobble

37. Pyramid Park (Mario Party 7)

A desert wedding at Pyramid Park would be a nice way to have a private, intimate, unforgettable reception that only has a low-mid chance of being cursed by one of the several ancient tombs surrounding it.

36. Megafruit Paradise (Super Mario Party)

Your diabetic guests will thank you for the dessert option. All your guests will complain about the swarm of bugs that two island-sized fruits attract.

35. Pagoda Peak (Mario Party 7)

This is one of those mountains that someone in a Kung-Fu movie has to climb as a test of will to learn from the ancient master. Skip it! The only test of will that should be at your wedding reception is if you can stay in your chair during the hora.

34. Spiny Desert (Mario Party 3)

The Spinys out here won’t stop talking about how “monogamy is a scam” and how you need at least “2-3 other spiky balls to be happy”. It’s gonna really bring the mood down on your special day.

33. Toad Road (Mario Party 9)

No amount of romanticism about driving into the sunset together will overcome the fact that you’re just hanging on the side of a road, like a broken down caravan that decided to make the best of it.

32. Toy Dream (Mario Party 5)

People are going to have questions if you have your reception at Toy Dream. Like, if either you or your fiancée are really a bunch of children stacked in a trench-coat.

31. Faire Square (Mario Party 6)

It’s a cute village to rent out, just make sure to offer the locals some cake or else you might be the rude-outsider that gets sacrificed by the secret occult business association this place most-definitely has.

30. DK’s Jungle Ruins (Mario Party 9)

This venue comes with the Kongs who are literal party animals! They’re great at getting people on the dance floor when they whip out their instruments, but then they whip out their guns and the next thing you know your stylish reception jumpsuit is now tie-dyed with pineapple rockets and mango grenades

29. Future Dream (Mario Party 5)

Future dream is unfortunately directly in the flight path all the billionaires are taking for their vanity space trips. Maybe give your guests some kind of easily throwable favor for when one of these exploitative space-cowboys interrupts your first dance.

28. Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower (Super Mario Party)

If you can afford to have your wedding reception in a solid gold city, why are you reading this? Don’t you have rockets to launch and workers to exploit?

27. Blooper Beach (Mario Party 9)

Plan for a spring or fall wedding because come summer these pristine beaches are covered with such a massive seaweed bloom you’d think it was having a reception here.

26. Rainbow Dream (Mario Party 5)

You have to pay for all four clouds, but you know everyone’s only going to hang in the Sunny section. It’s like when you have a party and everyone’s in the kitchen because the other rooms are dark, leaking, and freezing.

25. Whimsical Waters (Mario Party 10)

You know what’s not whimsical, how long the shuttle from the ocean depths back to the hotel is. That much needed continental breakfast is going to be over by the time you get back.

24. Goomba’s Greedy Gala (Mario Party 4)

Goomba’s gonna give you a fancy private banquet hall for your reception, but when you need to use the bathroom or go for a smoke, your guests will see some of the saddest gamblers hitting rock-bottom and you don’t need that kind of energy on your wedding night.

23. Clockwork Castle (Mario Party 6)

Brighton’s renting this castle on the down-low and has a hard 8pm close time before Twila gets back and starts asking for a cut. You’ll either have to call it an early night or plan an after party.

22. Space Land (Mario Party 2)

The giant laser pointed at what’s clearly the dance floor is a bit intimidating, but also a great way to discourage unwanted toasts.

21. Koopa’s Tycoon Town

(Mario Party 8)

You’re going to have a perfectly nice hotel banquet-hall reception here, until the new owners come along and kick you out just as the meal is served.

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