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10 Actors Who We Think Are Edgy Enough to Voice Shadow in Sonic 3

If there’s anything nerds love, it’s speculating on casting. Whether it’s to the level of manifesting John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic, or you’re just some weirdo who thinks Andy Samberg should be Wolverine, fancasting is everywhere. Here are the Hollywood men that we think can cut it as video games’ edgiest, brooding boy: Shadow the Hedgehog.

Robert Pattinson

You could probably sub in any Batman here, but no one can brood like Robert Pattinson did in The Batman.

Charles Martinet

Well, he’s got nothing better to do now.


Has this guy ever done anything but brood?

Chris Pratt

Maybe not really the edgiest guy you could find, but while he’s voicing everyone, we might as well cover our bases.


He may have literally no acting experience, but his passion for the character is unmatched.

Nicolas Cage

He played Spider-Man Noir quite well in Spider-Verse, a character that SEGA famously sued Marvel about as a “direct ripoff” of Shadow.

Johnny Cage

Well, if they can’t get Nicolas Cage, I guess his brother is the next best thing.

Cassie Cage

Well, if they can’t get Johnny Cage, I guess his daughter is the next best thing.

Jeremy Strong

Jeremy Strong played Kendall Roy for 4 seasons on Succession, and never once was he truly happy. It’s like he was born for this.

Mark Roebuck

Just as he was suited for the voice of Mario, Hard Drive co-founder Mark Roebuck would be an excellent casting choice for Shadow the Hedgehog in the new Sonic movie.