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20 Real Italians Who Should Play Mario Now That Charles Martinet Is Retiring

After 30 years on the job, Charles Martinet is leaving his post as the voice actor behind the iconic sounds of Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. But who should take his spot? While we think Martinet did a terrific job, we believe that this famously Italian character should finally be voiced by a real life Italian actor. So here are 20 real Italians who would be great choices to take over for Charles Martinet.

Michael Imperioli 

We all loved seeing him in The White Lotus, but come on, we wanna see the guy that played Chrissy on The Sopranos kill people again. This is a sneaky way to do that.

Danny DeVito

Fans have wanted Danny Devito to play Mario since he was born, looking exactly the way he does now. Let’s finally right this wrong and record him in his daily life without even telling him it’s for a job.

Michael Shannon 

After a lifetime of being adorable, I’m ready for a Mario that feels like he could snap at any minute and kill everyone around him, including Luigi. 

Chris Pratt 


I think anyone that’s seen The Super Mario Bros Movie will agree that if given the role full-time, Pratt would most definitely show up on time and say the words they asked him to. 

One of Those Skarsgård Guys 


John Leguizamo 

A lot of people are saying that Leguizamo is actually next in line if you study the order of succession. 


Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo famously avoided franchises and blockbusters his entire career. While most assume it’s based on an aversion to such properties, DiCaprio has stated publicly that he’s “holding out for the big one.” I think we all know what role he’s referring to. 

Mark Wahlberg 

Sometimes when we leave him off of things like this, he reaches out and sends us threatening messages. So there ya go Mark. We think you could play Mario

Benicio Del Toro 

I’m not all the way certain Benicio is Italian but he would RIP as Mario.  

John Cena 

A lot of these Italians would dedicate themselves to the role, sure. But how many would let Randy Orton put them through a table at WrestleMania while dressed as Mario? 

Captain Lou Albano

Does anyone know if this guy is still alive? Do the Mario!

Al Pacino 

Let’s give it to Al and just tell him to let it rip and Mario’s new catchphrases will be whatever weird shit Al Pacino yells. Move over, “Mamma mia,” and make room for “That was one HELL OF A TURTLE!” 

A Girl

Many girls are Italian, and switching Mario’s gender could be a very interesting way to breathe new life into a dying franchise that everyone already hates anyway.

Jerry Seinfeld 

This legendary stand-up was very charming in the lead role of Bee Movie. Plus, he could inject the Mario games with the observational comedy they’ve always been lacking. Jerry would have a field day in this role! 

Jason Statham

I’d be willing to give a gruffer Mario a chance for a while. It could be a fun change of pace! 


There’s nothing more Italian than Artificial Intelligence recreating the voice of Charles Martinet at no expense for Nintendo.

Nicolas Cage 

We all knew this was gonna be on here. We tucked it towards the end to help with our engagement numbers. Hope you understand! 

Charles Martinet

One of the most talented Italian voice actors of his generation, the voice of Paarthurnax in Skyrim and Magenta in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero would be a terrific choice to lend his skills to the iconic Mario character.

Luigi Mario

Who would be a better actor to take over the voice of Mario than his brother Luigi? They already sound very similar and Luigi knows all the ins and outs of Mario’s personality. Sure, he may be a bit cowardly, and somewhat inexperienced as a VA, but it would be nice to keep the voice in the Nintendo family!

Mark Roebuck

Hard Drive head writer Mark Roebuck would be a terrific choice to play Mario in the hit video game Mario.

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