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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Storehouse Guide: How to Use Storage

Soulslike games are known for having an abundance of useful items and weapons to find that allow you to exercise freedom in your builds and combat encounters, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is no different. With so much loot to round up in this challenging action-roleplaying title, you may find that you want to hang on to certain things for use later in your adventure, so you’ll want to use the storehouse to keep them safe and sound until you need them. But once the items are transferred, how do you access the storehouse in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to access the storehouse in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In order to access your storehouse, you’ll first need to have made your way to the game’s main hub, the Hidden Village. This will happen early in the game after completing only a handful of main missions, so you won’t need to make significant progress to gain access to the storehouse feature.

Once you’re in the Hidden Village, head down the vine on the right side of the main platform to reach the blacksmith Zhu Xia. Select any option from Zhu Xia that opens your inventory, and you’ll soon find that there is a prompt in the upper right corner of the screen. Depending on your platform, the button will be different, but pressing it will switch you to the storehouse menu.

From within the storehouse menu, you can peruse anything that you’ve moved over and transfer those items back over into your inventory if you wish. Additionally, excess consumable items that you find in levels will automatically be moved to your storehouse, so you can look over those here as well to take stock. Regardless of your reasons for checking things out, be sure to take a look often, as you may find that there are items in your storehouse that you simply don’t need, and these can often be sold for some additional copper that can assist you with buying, embedding, and more.

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