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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty First Boss Guide: How to Beat it

If you’re playing through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, chances are you might be running into some trouble with Zhang Liang, who is the first boss of the game. For those who aren’t experienced with action titles like Nioh, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, or Dark Souls, fights like these can be challenging and tricky to master. The first boss of Wo Long has even proven to be challenging for experienced players.

Learning how this boss operates and performs is critical to ensuring you are able to complete Wo Long. Bosses like these frequently appear, and you must understand how to obtain victory by analyzing each moveset. We’ll dive into some tips and tricks for this boss, so read on for the perfect strategy against Zhang Liang!

How to Defeat the First Boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

By preparing accordingly before fighting, you can make this fight much less stressful. Zhang Liang appears at the end of the first mission, so throughout the entirety of the mission you need to increase your Morale Rank. To do this, simply collect all of the Battle Flags and Marker Flags throughout Village of Calamity (the first mission).

This will increase your Fortitude Rank to Rank 10, which will allow you to retain a Morale Rank of 10 regardless if you die or not. This is extremely helpful and essential, as you will most likely not beat Zhang Liang on your first attempt.

Lastly, as an overall note, you need to be aggressive throughout this fight. Failing to do so will lead to you being unable to achieve victory. You might tend to want to play defensively, but don’t do this, as you will take too much damage and ultimately die. Being aggressive is the key to success.

The First and Second Phases

For the first phase of the fight, you should not run into any trouble. Like outlined above, be aggressive throughout this fight and don’t fall back to defend. If you’ve played prior Souls games, you will tend to want to play the defensive in a fight like this. Instead, utilize your light attacks to unleash plenty of damage against the first boss in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

It is important to note that while you should be aggressive, do not mash and spam attacks. You must be diligent and purposefully place each one, however, this does not mean falling back to be defensive. Zhang Liang can be easily defeated by simply timing your attacks right and being aggressive.

The second phase of this boss fight sees Zhang Liang gain a new attack range, which can be tricky after learning his range from the first portion of the fight. Here, you will need to prioritize defending. Each attack Zhang Liang inflicts is preceded by a lengthy combat animation, which you need to carefully watch. When the animation begins, prepare to defend and deflect the attack. As you defend yourself, quickly utilize light attacks to drain his health bar.

Once your Divine Beast Gauge has finished and is filled up, you need to activate it to end the battle. Zhang Liang will be defeated in a cutscene, which means you do not have to fully drain his health bar. When the Divine Beast Gauge is full, the fight is over when you activate it!

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