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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Update Patch Notes May 20





Update 1.1.67 is live! May 20

Lord Captains, as we continue to work on the big 1.2 patch, we are deploying a smaller update 1.1.67 to keep you busy! In this update, we're fixing another handful of bugs, while bringing some optimizations and improvements for the UI and fonts on Steam Deck and controller interface.
Watch out for possible spoilers below!


System and stability:

  • Added a number of improvements and optimizations to UI and fonts for Steam Deck and controller interface;



  • Fixed a rare quest lock problem with "Aeldari in Distress";
  • Fixed an issue with one of the dialogues with Argenta, when an Iconoclast dialogue option would not be available if the Lord Captain has a combination of pistol and melee weapon;
  • Players could trigger Yrliet's romance dialog in the Pit multiple times - fixed;
  • Fixed an issue with the Jae's quest in the Administratum, where after delivering the seal, the quest objective didn't update, which blocked further progress;
  • Fixed sudden disappearance of Idira after the quest in Macro-Cannon Chamber;
  • Fixed an endless loop in dialogue with Asclepius, which blocked other dialogues from starting on the bridge;
  • Jae's Act II quest didn't fail correctly if not completed by Act III - fixed;
  • Fixed a broken option in one of the dialogues with Nomos, that could break the dialogue;
  • Fixed inverted internal triggers that could cause Argenta to receive an incorrect ending;
  • Fixed a broken condition causing Marazhai's Harlequin epilogue to never trigger;
  • Fixed an issue with Jae in Act IV, where after visiting Footfall she could disappear if her first quest wasn't completed;
  • Fixed a case where not taking Yrliet to Quetza Temer could break the quest;
  • Dying in combat in Act III no longer removes buffs and debuffs important for the story;
  • Marazhai could come back from dead after being killed by Heinrix in Outer Spire Halls - fixed;
  • Due to a bug, it was impossible to persuade Calligos Winterscale to not kill the Aeldari in Quetza Temer even if all checks were successful - fixed;



  • Bounty Hunter's "Savour the Kill" talent no longer activates when an ally destroys a cover or another destructible entity;
  • Dominate telepathy psychic power had no type assigned and therefore wasn't present in the Warp filter during level up - fixed;
  • Bounty Hunter's "Claim the Bounty" kills with overpenetration sometimes didn't count as kills - fixed;
  • Open to the Warp Navigator talent affected allies - fixed, it no longer does;
  • Voidborn "Be Smart" talent in some cases did not apply its effect - fixed;
  • Ulfar now always correctly attacks with his melee weapon with "Go for the throat " ability;
  • Wounds sometimes didn't update with level up correctly - fixed;
  • Fixed an issue where you could land on Eurac V with more than 6 characters in the party if you hired mercenaries before landing;
  • Bounty Hunter's "Claim the Bounty" ability had incorrect damage percent calculation in the description - fixed;
  • Arch-Militant's "Confident Approach" and "Cautious Approach" buffs could, in some cases, display as "Versatility" buff in terms of the icon and text, while retaining their original mechanics. Fixed, now they are always displayed correctly;
  • Confusing psy-rating requirement texts have been replaced with five unique levels of psykers' powers;
  • In come cases, Operative's "Expose Weakness" ability could remove all stacks of Exploit from the target even if it reduced enemy's armour to zero - fixed;
  • Marazhai could not take Aeldari Armour Proficiency as an Exemplar talent - fixed;
  • Yrliet could not take Drukhari Armour Proficiency as an Exemplar talent - fixed;
  • Analytics System feature was using the target's Intelligence bonus, instead of the owner's - fixed;
  • Fixed an issue with Heinrix's event, that could block the transfer to Act V; Действия
  • C'tan Shard no longer goes into an infinite loop of attacks in response to Reckless strike;



  • Dust of Rending can no longer be placed into cargo, which could cause the quest to fail due to quest items missing;
  • Edge of Daybreak sometimes dropped incorrect loot. Edge of the Irrevocable will now always drop correctly;
  • Grenadier's Cloak now correctly prevents allies from receiving grenade damage;



  • Fixed a case where Jae didn't give the Lord Captain the trinkets she stole in Commorragh despite saying she would;
  • At Janus, fixed a case where Yrliet couldn't join the party in the final dialogue, if she already joined and left the party earlier;



  • An explanation has been added to some modifiers that their final value was changed due to progressive difficulty early in the game;
  • Fixed an empty tutorial popping up at Eurac-V;
  • Fixed a problem with window focus after sending a bug report while browsing the settings;
  • Fixed a problem causing abilities to disappear from the bar after switching from the system map to the voidship bridge and back;



  • Fixed an issue with Foulstone colony event Humiliating Visit, where several response options couldn't be chosen;
  • Fixed issues with ultimate officer abilities in the void battle with the Drukhari, where dealing with each wave of enemies before the next one appeared could cause the ability effects to end;
  • The amount of resources in the colony is now displayed correctly, resources from extractors are displayed in tooltips, and the extractor productivity multiplier affects the amount of resources received from the extractor;



  • Fixed T-posing servitors on the voidship bridge;
  • Hexrifle no longer clips through the character model when equipped;
  • Shuriken pistol no longer clips through the character model when equipped;
  • Romance scenes will no longer sometimes permanently change your character's haircolor and color of class outfit;



  • Fixed some lines in French localization;



  • Fixed a rare case in co-op, where after a certain combination of actions, the transfer to another zone would happen for only some of the players, causing the game to be unable to process it and breaking;


Sound and music:

  • Fixed incorrect annoying sound effects at the Epitaph;



Patch 1.1.58 is live! April 18

Lord Captains, patch 1.1.58 is live! This patch includes a convenient new QoL feature to automatically re-equip items in Act III upon receiving them back, and brings a number of other fixes and optimizations.
As usual, the same update will be available on consoles within ~24 hours.
Check for up-to-date information on known issues and upcoming patches.
Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!


System and stability

  • Fixed a crash to the main menu when trying to enter the Mutants Lair;
  • Fixed a game freeze (and a potential crash) when using the Syphon Life ability through the hologram, when the hologram was located behind cover;
  • Fixed a problem that could cause save file corruption when the player exited the game immediately after saving;
  • Fixed FPS drops when attacking Khymerae, especially with burst attacks;
  • Fixed freezing near the shuttle at Footfall;
  • Tactical Respite Master Tactician talent froze the game when the Master Tactician reloaded the weapon near another Master Tactician with the same talent - fixed;
  • Units can no longer enter an already occupied tile while dodging from the piercing flight of Screamer of Tzeentch and other types of damaging movement. This used to cause odd visual issues and severe performance degradation;



  • An event in the Forgotten System wasn't completing as intended - fixed;
  • Fixed a broken answer in a dialogue about Tanakia that caused the dialogue to break;
  • Fixed a bug causing Heinrix who was supposed to leave, to stay in the party after coronation;
  • Fixed a bug in the dialogue with the Inquisitor during coronation, where it was possible to ask whether Heinrix is going to stay, even after Heinrix has already left;
  • Fixed a bug where if Heinrix left the party, he would not appear on the coronation and the dialogue related to him would break;
  • Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck in the Captain's quarters after an event with Jae. Players who have encountered this bug, will need to roll back to a previous save made before the event for it to trigger properly;
  • Fixed a rare combination of factors where a dialogue lock could occur in Jae's romance event;
  • Fixed an inconsistency where the encounter with Falco's fleet could happen before Jae's party;
  • Fixed an issue where Marazhai's death during his first companion quest would not be correctly recognized by the game, causing the quest to lock;
  • In Jae's quest in the Administratum, it was possible to ask for help, addressing companions that were not in the party, which caused the dialogue to break - fixed;
  • The game now correctly tracks who was executed during the Blood Ties quest;
  • Tools of Righteousness quest is now correctly received for completing the Giants project;
  • Yrliet will no longer suddenly appear on the bridge for players who have never recruited her. No more suspicious xenos in your vicinity, Lord Captain;



  • Daemonopathy ability was knocking the target prone by killing them (pretty brutal!). We've made it less devastating and now the target just falls prone as intended;
  • During the siege on Von Valancius Palace it is no longer possible to get stuck due to being unable to move over the ladder;
  • Fixed a bug in the encounter with Malice, where the combat with Malice would not end as he would keep getting up. If you encountered this issue, please roll back to a save made before the dialogue with Malice started;
  • Fixed a bug, causing retraining to sometimes make your companions lose the bonuses from their archetypes;
  • Fixed the case where the Lord of Change could enter an endless loop of counterattacks if parried;
  • Imperial Bolter was not providing bonuses against forces of Chaos correctly (what heresy!) - fixed;
  • Mechanics: Names of the talents that were increasing Psy Rating were changed to avoid confusion with Psy Rating stat in character screen and prerequisites of psyker's abilities;
  • Orchestrate Flames Pyromancy psychic power wasn't always applying additional damage to melee attacks - fixed;
  • Several talents and items giving re-rolls of failed tests were having a lower chance of success then intended - fixed;
  • Tactical Respite Tactician talent no longer reloads weapons that have no ammo or the ones that are already at max ammo;



  • Duelist Uniform used to incorrectly interact with the character's BS, causing a plethora of issues with levelling up the stats - fixed;
  • Inferno Pyromancy staff psychic power applied burning that dealt no damage - fixed;



  • Fixed a bug in Quetza Temer which caused the combat to never start when attacking the Aeldari, resulting in a locked progression;
  • Fixed some cases of characters getting stuck when switching from zone to zone;
  • Fixed the placement of a loot container at the Quarry World so that it is now reachable;



  • Rogue Trader's copy in the Epitaph will no longer sometimes appear naked;


User Interface

  • Added a new QoL feature: Upon receiving your items back in Act III, the items will be automatically equipped into the same slots as they were before, if it is possible. Companions who rejoin the party after this event, will also have their items automatically equipped if possible;
  • Fixed a problem with the controller UI, where in some cases a button pressed while a pop-up window was open, would affect the main interface on the background instead of that window;
  • Some PC-exclusive options appeared in the game settings on console. Fixed - incorrect options were removed;


Sound and Music

  • Fixed some excessive sounds on the Heretical version of the voidship bridge;



  • Colony Complacency no longer affects the profit factor loss from projects;
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to plunder the Forgotten Twins outpost an unlimited number of times;
  • Fixed a bug with the upgraded version of the Vulnerability Scan ship ability, where it could pick the wrong side for vulnerabilities;
  • Fixed a bug with the voidship ability Warp Wave, where it would do nothing to enemies facing directly away from the ship;
  • Fixed a case with some rumours not completing;
  • Fixed an elusive bug which sometimes caused it to be impossible to assign any voidship officer posts except for the Supreme Commander;
  • Fixed errors in Profit Factor calculation for resource shortage;
  • Updated some values and fixed bugs in calculations for colony resources across the game;



  • Added a few more latecomers to the credits and Shrine of Remembrance;


Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Update Patch Notes 1.1.52 Apr 4


Those are the patch notes up through May 20 for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader.

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