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Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Update Patch Notes 1.1.52 Apr 4

The patch notes for the 1.1.52 update of Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader on April 4, 2024


Lord Captains, patch 1.1.52 is live! In this patch we’re dealing with a handful of quest problems, multiple annoying mechanical issues including crazy damage from Killing Edge, and you can now finally install mods directly from Steam Workshop!
As usual, the same update will be available on consoles within ~24 hours.
Check for up-to-date information on known issues and upcoming patches.
Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!


Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Update Patch Notes 1.1.58 Apr 18


System and stability

  • Fixed a case of lag at Eufrates II;
  • Fixed a case of significant lag in the final encounter;
  • Fixed cases of freezing on the global map for consoles and when playing with a controller;
  • Fixed lag caused by Point Blank talent;



  • In Cassia's Price of Power quest, the dialogue with xenos no longer suddenly ends if you entered the location without Yrliet;
  • Cassia will no longer mention Felek's stone in Act III, if you haven't used it on her in Act I ;
  • Fixed a broken cutscene in Duty of the Navis Nobilite quest;
  • Fixed a case where Idira unintentionally could be killed during Echo of the Past quest and remained dead, blocking further progress of the quest;
  • Fixed a case where the dialogue with the High Factotum and Clementia in Act III could break if Yrliet was missing in the party;
  • Fixed a case where the quest of Heinrix at Kiava Gamma was incorrectly being marked as failed if the player left the location before completing the quest;
  • Fixed a case with Ulfar's quest becoming stuck;
  • Fixed a couple more rare cases of broken cutscenes in Act III and IV;
  • Fixed a dialogue in the Duty of the Navis Nobilite quest, where a failed negotiation attempt could cause the dialogue to break;
  • Fixed A Rare Find rumour not completing;
  • Fixed a yet another rare case of invisible throne riding at Footfall, which could cause cutscenes to break;
  • Fixed an incorrect condition in the quest Driven, which caused the dialogue to break;
  • Fixed an incorrect condition, causing a wrong dialogue to be shown in final Marazhai's romance event cutscene;
  • Fixed some rumours not ending correctly;
  • It is made a bit more clear that you need to talk to Bloodstained Proselytes before entering the arena in Act III;
  • Kunrad could transform into Chaos Spawn in save files made before patch 1.1, causing the whole scene to go haywire - fixed;
  • Outcast's Duty quest will now fail as intended if you attack the Aeldari at Quetza Temer;
  • Pasqal will no longer invade the Lord Captain's dreams;
  • The second quest of Heinrix, incorrectly reopened after the last patch for those who have already completed it, will now be correctly marked as completed again. Told you, this Imperial bureaucracy is unbearable...



  • Binharic Dissector talent now works correctly;
  • Fiend of Vheabos VI now can only affect every enemy once per character turn and will no longer work during preparation round;
  • Fixed a rare case where one of the characters could get stuck behind the door during transition to a new zone;
  • Fixed issues with difficulty scaling at the beginning of the game if the player used custom difficulty;
  • In some cases, Bounty Hunter's Wild Hunt was not working, if one Prey was dead - fixed;
  • Killing the Necrons with any sort of movement enforcement could lock your turn - fixed;
  • The encounter with the infected of the Footfall Shadow Quarters has received new disease mechanics;
  • Unholy Flesh and Purity of the True Flesh features now give both positive and negative effects;
  • Vanguard's Unyielding Beacon now correctly gives temporary wounds, if Vanguard has less temporary wounds than stacks of this ability;
  • Warp Reflex Ring no longer provides an extra turn. Instead, it heals 2x(WP Bonus) wounds and gives (Psy Rating) MP after triggering Psychic Phenomena, and after triggering Perils of the Warp, the wearer gains 1 Action Point;



  • Icons of many items were updated;
  • Some items that were supposed to let the user ignore Dodge, in fact were giving a -999% reduction in Dodge, ending up in spectacular 6-digit damage numbers when interacting with mechanics based on enemy dodge (Lethality and Killing Edge, in particular). Fixed, no more Exterminatus by a single sniper shot!
  • The Chaos Space Marine's heavy bolter in Act I has received a unique name;
  • Warp Surge Brooch only activates for the extra turn and not the entire round as per description;
  • Yrliet and Marazhai are now capable of using both Drukhari and Aeldari equipment;



  • Fixed a broken condition, which caused the assault after leaving the Anatomical Opera in Act III to begin in a wrong place and time;
  • Fixed a case where the Lord Captain could end up on the Epitaph solo;
  • Fixed some missing textures on the Inquisition Shipwreck;
  • Improved lighting, water effects, added critters and other minor environmental visuals at Quetza Temer;
  • When entering Outer Spire Halls, Marazhai could suddenly leave the party - fixed;



  • Added destruction visual effects to Drukhari turrets and Imperial turrets;


User Interface

  • Added missing descriptions to Aurora's abilities;
  • Fixed a bug causing certain abilities to sometimes be unavailable during level up and retraining;
  • Fixed a bug causing Jae to remain in her dress after one of the romance scenes, causing her ability bar and inventory to become a mess;
  • Fixed a case where if there were prone creatures on the battlefield, the End Turn button wasn't working until the player opened any menu;
  • Fixed an issue, where the UI could stop responding if the player initiated combat simultaneously with detecting a trap;
  • Fixed an issue, where the UI could stop responding if the player opened the journal from colonization screen while rewards popup was still active;
  • It is now possible to skip the final credits;
  • Unequipping the weapon will now always correctly remove all the associated abilities from the ability bar;


Sound and Music

  • Added new Defiler animation sounds;



  • Ships in space combat could sometimes end their movement facing a different direction from what was displayed on the hologram - fixed;



  • Fixed some cases of desync caused by initiative check at the beginning of combat;



  • You can now automatically install mods through Steam Workshop!
  • Blueprint patches for mods are now working with asset references correctly;
  • Fixed exceptions caused by parsing null value fields while applying blueprint patches;
  • Fixed searching blueprint fields while patching values from private fields of parent classes in blueprint mod patcher;
  • Added various UnityModManager and OwlcatModManager stability fixes;



  • Added a few more latecomers to the Credits and the Shrine of Remembrance;
  • The Unexpected Company achievement is now awarded correctly;


Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Update Patch Notes 1.1.46 Mar 21


That’s the entirety of the patch notes for the 1.1.52 update on April 4 for Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader on Steam PC.

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