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Vampire Survivors DLC Weapons & Evolutions Guide

The mysteries of the land of the Far East await you in the first DLC released for Vampire Survivors, Legacy of the Moonspell. While we could easily argue the base game is already brimming with content, the DLC brings a whole lot of new features to discover and unlock. And what about new ways to dispose of enemies? Here’s everything you need to know in the Legacy of the Moonspell weapons guide.

If you’ve already played for a while, you will have noticed most of these weapons are not available from the get-go, but will have to be unlocked by performing certain tasks. We will explain how to get them, and how to evolve them as well. 

So let us not waste any more time and let’s get to our Legacy of the Moonspell weapons guide.

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Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonspell Weapons Evolution Guide

Here is the full list of weapons available in Legacy of the Moonspell:

Silver Wind – Vampire Survivors DLC Weapons’ Evolutions

Miang Moonspell, the first character in the DLC, uses this sword, if you wish to have other characters using it as well, you need to survive 15 minutes with Miang in any level. It can be evolved into Festive Wind by leveling it up along with the Pummarola.

Four Seasons

The main weapon used by Menya Moonspell, in order to unlock it for everyone, again you need to stay alive fifteen minutes with Menya. Can be evolved into the Godai shuffle by leveling it up along with Spinach and Candelabrador.

Legacy of the Moonspell Weapons Evolutions: Summon Night

It is the weapon of choice of Syuuto Moonspell. Same as before, just try to survive fifteen minutes in order to make it available for the other characters. Can be evolved into Echo Night by leveling up Duplicator.

Mirage Robe

It is the default weapon of Babi-Onna, survive fifteen minutes and everyone will be able to use it. The robe can be evolved into J’Odore by leveling up Attractorb.

108 Bocce

The weapon of choice by McCoy-Oni (that’s a hell of a name too), just survive fifteen minutes to use it with others. At the moment, the weapon has no evolutions.

Mille Bolle Blu – Vampire Survivors DLC Weapon Evolutions

This curiously named weapon (it is a song by Italian singer Mina) is used by Gav’Et Oni, but to unlock it for everyone, you will have to purchase it from the merchant in the Moongolow level. The weapon can be evolved into Boo Roo Boole by leveling it up along Spellbinder.

Vampire Survivors DLC Weapons Guide: Night Sword

Finally, this seems to be the only weapon in the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC that doesn’t really belong to one character. It can only be found in the Mt Moonspell level, just look for its icon on the map. The sword evolves into Muramasa by leveling up the Stone Mask.

We hope this guide can be useful to understand how the weapons in Legacy of the Moonspell work, we will be sure to update as new information comes out.

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