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Ultrakill Update Patch Notes May 12





Patch 15d Changelog May 12

  • Fixed Malicious Faces not taking initial impact damage from explosions when made vulnerable with gasoline
  • Fixed Streetcleaner flamethrower flames not causing see-through enemy outlines effect
  • Fixed Cerberus gibs not being deleted when intended
  • Fixed gasoline particles causing inconsistent fill when hitting multiple enemy hitboxes on the same frame
  • Fixed the HUD Background Opacity option not working on the Speedometer when using Classic HUD
  • Speedometer now has options for horizontal only and vertical only
  • Fixed 0-3 and 4-2 mid-level shops still playing/muting music
  • Fixed Mannequins continuing to be parryable after landing from a launch on Brutal difficulty
  • Fixed the Mover Arm breaking after letting go of a chess piece
  • Fixed 7-S pond not getting stained
  • Fixed Speedometer not taking into account objects the player is riding
  • Fixed SRS Cannon firing absurd amounts of simultaneous cannonballs when using a Dual Wield powerup
  • Fixed Sawed-On Shotgun playing the chainsaw spark particle effect during the core heat release animation
  • Made Rocket Launcher hologram display slightly dimmer
  • Made HUD weapon icon glow slightly dimmer
  • Fixed slide particles being blue when the player has dodge frames stored but is not currently invincible



Patch 15c Changelog May 11



  • Added binds for swapping to each variation slot
  • Added "On swap to already drawn weapon" option for changing functionality when pressing a weapon key multiple times
  • Added Speedometer in HUD options
  • Added new higher resolution fire sprite


Weapon Changes:

  • Hitting a tram with the JumpStart now causes it to accelerate instantly and move at double speed for 5 seconds
  • Fixed JumpStart conduction proccing even if the zapped enemy doesn't have nails or magnets attached and isn't touching water
  • Fixed JumpStart conduction through magnets and coins causing an unintended minimum damage override
  • Underwater gasoline explosions are now sparser
  • Underwater gasoline explosions can now only hit an enemy once per continuous explosion string
  • Gasoline projectiles now ignore dead enemies
  • Gasoline no longer burns away when No Weapon Cooldowns cheat is on
  • Alternate Shotgun's launch direction can now be changed during hitstop
  • Alternate Shotgun can now always hit a core, even if already hitting an enemy or object at the same time
  • Hitting an Idol with a red hit from the Alternate Shotgun no longer triggers the cooldown
  • Alternate Shotgun speedometer now also displays time left in the red hit cooldown
  • Added colored lights to the Alternate Shotgun to make it easier to see which variation is being used
  • Changed the Core Eject trajectory and velocity inheritance to be similar to the Marksman coin's
  • Increased style points gained with the Alternate Shotgun
  • SRS Cannon now vibrates while charging the cannonball
  • SRS Cannon secondary fire is no longer affected by the primary fire's cooldown
  • Magnets can now again be broken with a ground slam
  • Screwdriver screws now only get destroyed when a dying Mindflayer explodes, rather than a second after the Mindflayer's health reaches zero
  • The visual motor spin speed on the Alternate Shotgun is no longer FPS-dependent
  • Improved optimization on enemy gasoline fill effect


Enemy Changes:

  • Malicious Faces and Soldiers lose their anti-explosion resistances when gasolined
  • Radiant Soldiers no longer have their radiance speed boost applied twice
  • Reduced Radiant Soldier speed boost from 2x to 1.5x
  • Reduced damage of Ferryman lightning bolt from 50 to 35
  • Ferryman lightning bolts now flash before striking
  • Chargebacked lightning bolts can no longer deal damage to the player
  • Ferryman, Gutterman and Guttertank can no longer hit the player through a wall with a melee attack
  • Added hurt sounds for Virtues and Malicious Faces
  • Drones, Virtues and Malicious Faces no longer bleed when damaged by fire
  • Flesh Spawn no longer get set on fire when Flesh Prison/Panopticon does
  • Flesh Prison/Panopticon now has the same resistance to sawblades as nails
  • Cerberi no longer fall on Brutal difficulty while tackling or between two tackles
  • Insurrectionists can now be killed by fire when gasolined
  • Swordsmachines "Agony" and "Tundra" now properly take extra damage from JumpStart electricity and Firestarter fire respectively
  • Stalkers now take double damage from ground slams
  • Stalkers can now be puppeted


General Changes:

  • Slide speed particles are now blue when the player has stored invincibility frames
  • 6-1 doors now open faster when the player is moving fast
  • Unlocking the Drone Haunting cheat now displays a message to notify it has been unlocked
  • Added a unique weapon icon for the other 7-S tool
  • Hide UI cheat now also hides the dual wield powerup vignette, boss health bars, subtitles and the 7-S overlay
  • Shop music now gets muted if music volume is set to 0
  • Malicious Face Sandbox prop is no longer only breakable with hitscan attacks
  • Made FUPs more consistent in non-cardinal directions (If you don't know what this means, don't worry about it)
  • Nerfed FUP speed to 60u/s (again, don't worry about it)
  • Changed name of Last Weapon to Last Used Weapon to clear misunderstandings with Previous Weapon
  • Blocked off the windows in the final hallway of 5-3



  • Disabling blood and gore no longer causes some attacks to heal the player an incorrect amount
  • Fixed gibs not getting cleared out correctly by gorezones and Cyber Grind wave ends
  • Fixed bloodsplatters replaying and gibs getting re-flung when the room they're in is disabled and re-enabled
  • Fixed Filth, Strays and Schisms sometimes getting stuck in slowmo
  • Fixed missing colliders in 7-4
  • Fixed the 0-2 and 0-3 second arena Swordsmachines not dropping the Shotgun
  • 3-1 checkpoint and 6-1 blood tube bloodsplatters now heal the player correctly
  • Fixed fire and Virtue beams no longer showing the outlines of enemies behind them
  • Fixed a chapter showing as golded or P-ranked on the wrong difficulty after first selecting a difficulty with it golded or P-ranked
  • Fixed temporary FOV changes getting stuck while sliding sideways
  • Fixed Shotgun and Alternate Shotgun breaking when parrying or shield breaking without having either punching arm equipped
  • 1-3 boss terminal no longer mutes the level music
  • Fixed gasoline exploding instead of burning in the 5-1 dry tunnels
  • Fixed gasoline stains stretching when placed on some 5-2 geometry
  • Fixed Gasoline stains showing on top of fire (though they may again appear buggy when placed on glass)
  • Fixed Stalkers becoming intangible when forcepuppet is turned on
  • Fixed Brutal Swordsmachine's unarmed attacks not having the SFX Volume setting applied
  • Fixed Screwdriver screws detaching and falling off if attached to a Mindflayer during its death animation
  • Magnets no longer become warped when getting stuck on a door that is both non-uniformly scaled and non-orthogonally rotated
  • Fixed Alternate Shotgun not giving the appropriate style bonuses on killing low health Malicious Faces or with parries
  • Fixed Alternate Shotgun not being able to transition to the cooldown idle from a chainsaw launch
  • Fixed rockets not ignoring some body parts of dead Mannequins
  • Fixed the restart/quit mission pop-up appearing behind the pause menu in the Early Access End screen
  • Fixed 7-4 front balcony Sentry being able to survive being punched off if landing on the entrance building
  • Fixed Cerberus not being able to walk to the player when they hide in a corner in the 0-5 boss arena
  • Fixed inconsistent enrage behavior with Cerberus when enraged with the Alter Arm
  • Spawner Arm spawned Earthmover Defense System parts now correctly stop attacking while being moved or altered
  • Fixed Mindflayer beams inheriting the previous damage type an enemy took when hitting that enemy
  • Fixed an untagged platform in 4-3
  • Fixed ghost Drones not working correctly with Clash mode
  • Guttermen can no longer open the door of the 7-2 building that houses the Alternate Shotgun
  • Fixed inappropriate objects being outlined during 7-2 intro
  • Fixed Knuckleblaster shells having enemy outlines
  • Fixed the current wall jump amount not resetting when landing on a gasoline stain
  • Fixed mis-tiled textures on the sides of stairs in one of the 7-1 arenas
  • Fixed the weapon wheel not updating whether to use alternate or normal weapon icons mid-mission
  • Fixed "This enemy cannot be puppeted" pop-up sometimes going offscreen
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be catchable



Patch 15b Changelog April 18


Alternate Shotgun:

  • Increased Alternate Shotgun cooldown on red hit from 5 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Decreased Alternate Shotgun red hit damage from 12 to 10
  • Added unique style bonuses for Alternate Shotgun
  • Fixed the Alternate Shotgun not losing freshness when used on core ejects or rockets
  • Alternate Shotgun no longer activates red hit cooldown when hitting a dead enemy
  • Alternate Shotgun now applies environmental hit pushback when hitting a dead enemy
  • Alternate Shotgun core eject vertical momentum is now no longer relative to the camera when looking downwards
  • Alternate Shotgun core eject cooldown now no longer resets on weapon change
  • Fixed an offset bug caused by picking up a dual wield while charging the primary fire of the alternate shotgun
  • Added short descriptions of each Alternate weapon when they get picked up


Sawed-On Shotgun:

  • Chainsaws no longer get stuck inside the player when punched with the Feedbacker before immediately swapping arms
  • Fixed the Sawed-On chainsaw sometimes continuing to damage enemies that are no longer in range
  • Fixed the Sawed-On chainsaw sometimes removing limbs off the wrong enemies
  • Chainsaw can now properly hit the same enemy again after being punched
  • V2 can longer be damaged with the chainsaw during its intro animation
  • Alternate Sawed-On Shotgun no longer instantly launches chainsaw if the player swaps back after swapping to another weapon while charging it
  • Made launched chainsaws a bit quieter
  • Added sparks when launched chainsaws hit enemies
  • A launched chainsaw's sprite becomes smaller while touching the player so it doesn't block their vision


JumpStart Nailgun:

  • Conduction now damages the magnets it conducts through to stop infinite conduction chains
  • Fixed the JumpStart nailgun not losing its higher firerate after a zapper is destroyed if the player continues to fire without pause


Firestarter Rocket Launcher:

  • Spraying gasoline on moving objects such as doors no longer causes physics anomalies
  • Fixed gasoline fire sustaining forever after a checkpoint restart
  • Firestarter gasoline now explodes instead of burning when underwater
  • Fixed gasoline stains under gasolined burning enemies lasting much longer than intended
  • Fixed gasoline stains not being easily visible on glass
  • Burning objects now also set gasoline stains on fire on contact
  • Fixed gasoline fill visuals not working properly on some enemies
  • Increased damage of fire on gasolined enemies from 0.2 to 0.5 per tick
  • Napalm firerate is no longer framerate dependant



  • Added "Hard Mode" in the Advanced Options
  • Added 7-S music to the Cyber Grind jukebox
  • 7-S no longer resets objective progress on checkpoint restart
  • Fixed a bug where the whiplash could grab skulls through blocking doors if really far away
  • Respawning at the 7-S courtyard checkpoint will now reset the red skull if the player is holding it to avoid softlocks
  • Added unique cubemaps to every 7-S room's completion reflection
  • Improved accuracy of 7-S bloodstains
  • Fixed the alternate skybox sometimes appearing black
  • Fixed inconsistencies with gib amount in 7-S based on gore settings
  • Ghost Drones now have an animation when being pulled
  • Increased range of Ghost Drone chirps to make them easier to find
  • Removed unintended colliders from 7-S clock
  • Blue skull case in 7-S now opens if Disable Enemy Spawns cheat is on



  • Hideous Mass harpoon health reduced to 3 on Brutal and 2 on other difficulties
  • Slightly reduced attack frequency of Virtues on Brutal difficulty
  • Added Brutal difficulty to the Boss Difficulty Override Major Assist
  • Fixed Gabriel's Brutal difficulty spiral swords attack staying after checkpoint reset
  • Ferrymen now have a global cooldown on lightning bolt summons to avoid them being stacked
  • Brutal Ferryman close range lightning bolt windup increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Ferryman oars now start glowing blue when they're charging a lightning bolt
  • Ferryman lightning bolts can now be cancelled by attaching a JumpStart zapper to or parrying the Ferryman
  • Added a short delay and a blue flash before a Cerberus performs a second tackle



  • Fixed player not being able to heal while dashing
  • Fixed bloodsplatter healing range being too small
  • Improved performance of bloodsplatters and bloodstains
  • Fixed performance drops caused by bloodsplatters not getting properly deleted if Blood and Gore is disabled
  • Fixed HurtZones such as acid continuing to hurt dead enemies when not intended
  • Level Stats overlay is now rebindable
  • Player can no longer be damaged or killed while exiting a level
  • Weapon wheel and leaderboards change are now also on the Previous Variation bind (more specific options to come later)
  • Audio no longer stays muffled when restarting or quitting mission while underwater
  • Fixed audio pops caused by pausing and unpausing
  • Fixed auto-aim not working with some of the new weapons
  • Checkpoints now display their text correctly from both sides
  • Delayed the health and weapon charge reset from clearing a wave in the Cyber Grind slightly to avoid overlap with killing the last enemy
  • Fixed Cyber Grind end screen text blurriness and Brutal difficulty title
  • Fixed Enemy Silhouettes option not saving
  • Fixed Enemy Silhouettes Activation Distance option not displaying in the main menu
  • Fixed Swordsmachine's shotgun pickup sometimes getting blasted out of bounds by explosions
  • Fixed magnets getting destroyed after 30 seconds even if No Weapon Cooldowns cheat is enabled
  • Altered Cerberus hitboxes for less janky collision on the chest
  • Fixed the Alter Arm menu still staying on when a Cerberus or Malicious Face dies from being both Puppeted and Sandified
  • Fixed the insurrectionist not freezing properly with the Alter Arm
  • Fixed jump pad physics status not saving in Sandbox saves
  • Added Alter Arm option for enraging Guttermen
  • Fixed the enrage texture for the casketless Gutterman in 7-2
  • Fixed Filth getting stuck in midair after performing a jump attack while dropping down a ledge
  • M̶i̶n̶o̶t̶a̶u̶r̶ no longer stays stuck in its back swipe animation when dying during it
  • M̶i̶n̶o̶t̶a̶u̶r̶ chase now has an additional collider on its arm to push off players on its back
  • Swordsmachines Agony and Tundra are no longer missing their right arms
  • Player can no longer get Cannonball related style bonuses from dead enemies
  • Fixed P-2 Cerberi not dying when touching the red tunnel vortex
  • Shockwaves no longer break breakables that are only supposed to break with the Revolver
  • Fixed forcebossbars carrying over on level change even if cheats are no longer enabled and being undisableable
  • Fixed some enemies having the wrong names in their health bars
  • Fixed controller look being framerate dependant
  • Fixed an act appearing gold even when not actually gold on that difficulty after first going to chapter select on a difficulty that does have it gold
  • Fixed an untagged wall in 1-4 first room
  • Fixed a hole in 6-2 geometry
  • Restored FUPs (if you don't know what this means don't worry about it)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable


Ultrakill Update Patch Notes 15 Apr 15


Those are the patch notes up through May 12 for Ultrakill.

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