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Ultrakill Update Patch Notes 15 Apr 15


Patch 15: The FULL ARSENAL Update

  • Added 7-S
  • Added Alternate Weapon in 7-2 secret
  • Added "Firestarter" red Rocket Launcher variation
  • Added "JumpStart" red Nailgun variation
  • Added "Sawed-on" red Shotgun variation
  • Added Brutal difficulty
  • Conductor aftershocks now spread damage to nearby enemies and other conducting objects
  • Underwater electric attacks now cause conduction in all underwater enemies (and the player)
  • Added Sound Effects Volume option
  • Added Muffle Music While Underwater option
  • Added "Puppeted" alter arm option for enemies
  • Added console commands "forcepuppet", "forcesand" and "forcebossbar"
  • Earthmover Rocket Launcher, Mortar and Tower are now spawnable with the Spawner Arm
  • Added "Previous Variation" bind, Q by default (Last Used Weapon is now unbound by default)


General Changes:
  • Bloodsplatter collision system has been rewritten to greatly improve the accuracy of environmental collisions
  • Updated and reorganized the options menu
  • Replaced "Checkpoint" pause menu button in intermissions with a "Skip" button
  • Hitting a coin in a split state with an Alternate Revolver will now reset the draw state of all equipped Alternate Revolvers, as well as play a shorter recovery animation
  • Coins now increase the damage of the explosions of explosive hitscans
  • Player healing block from getting hit by an explosion now only applies to bloodsplatters caused by explosions
  • Shockwaves now fade out instead of disappearing instantly
  • Increased style points for explosions that don't kill
  • Added new style bonuses for the S.R.S. Cannon
  • Screwdriver railcannon now has style bonuses
  • Reduced style points gained from a successful projectile boost from 150 to 90
  • Auto-aim will now also target hookpoints
  • Nailgun magnets can now be fired immediately after changing to the weapon and will no longer interrupt standard firing
  • Added a sound effect to firing a Nailgun magnet
  • The hologram display of the Rocket Launcher will move to a more visible position when using the middle weapon position option
  • Player rockets are no longer attracted to magnets that are connected to an enemy if the enemy is dead
  • Trams will now instantly kill any enemies they hit
  • Added arrows to UI scrollbars to make it clearer they can be scrolled
  • Level stats HUD element and cheats overlay positions mirror when Weapon Position is set to Left in order to reduce overlay with other HUD elements
  • Capped SSJ speed to 100u/s
  • Ground slam no longer causes projectile interruptions
  • Added a "Cyber Grind Only" option to the Mission Restart/Quit Warning setting
  • No Weapon Cooldowns cheat now also stops magnet timers


Enemy Changes:
  • Minotaur now has an attack for hitting a target that's on its back
  • Reduced Cerberus orb damage from 35 to 20
  • Idols now give style points when destroyed
  • Enemy projectiles will now get destroyed between Cyber Grind waves
  • Increased Knuckleblaster damage to Drones so a single punch can still kill a radiant Drone
  • Added a secondary bar to the Earthmover brain that shows the time until the next Idols spawn
  • Earthmover Brain now takes increased damage from parried projectiles
  • Added vertical line to Ferryman lightning windup to more clearly show where the lightning can be chargebacked
  • Dying Hideous Masses can now be whiplashed to
  • Punching a dying Mindflayer into a Gutterman now breaks its shield
  • Mannequins in the Cyber Grind now spawn on melee tiles instead of projectile tiles
  • Improved textures for Insurrectionists Angry and Rude
  • Enemy hitscans no longer cause hitstop when hitting an enemy rocket unless the player is riding on it
  • Reduced Guttertank Cyber Grind spawn cost and spawn cost increase from 55 to 40
  • Ferryman parries can now also cause the Conductor bonus


Level Changes:
  • Added a new checkpoint near the start of 7-4 to reduce restart time
  • Added a new checkpoint after the fall of the clocktower in 7-2
  • Added terminals near Alternate weapon pick up spots for easier arsenal control
  • Added an error message to the 7-2 payload panel when trying to lower payload without tram
  • Tweaked 2-1 dash jump tutorial text for clarity
  • Hard Damage related tutorials no longer show up on difficulties that have no hard damage
  • Red Soul Orb tutorial message no longer shows up on Harmless difficulty where maximum health is already 200
  • Using the Disable Enemy Spawns cheat now also disables background enemies from 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 4-1
  • 5-2 cabin door will no longer open exclusively outwards


  • Fixed magneted nails getting pushed by explosions again
  • Fixed the exit/restart warning messages in appearing behind the pause menu the Intermissions, making them unclickable
  • Slightly lowered the trigger for the Tutorial end pit so players can no longer accidentally slip out of it
  • Fixed 6-2 Gabe only using one combo attack before the first taunt on Harmless and Lenient
  • Fixed Sharpshooter not being able to destroy homing mortars
  • Fixed the breaking of the first 5-2 Idol before the Filth has spawned causing the Filth to stay blessed
  • Fixed game freezing when throwing a soap at an idoled Drone
  • Fixed some cheats-only console commands not requiring cheats to be turned on
  • Fixed Cyber Grind song names popping up even if the song is looping
  • Fixed being able to punch while paused
  • Level names now appear at a speed independent from framerate
  • Fixed a small gap in the geometry next to the entrance door in 7-4
  • Fixed a small gap in the floor of the 7-4 secret path that could cause players to fall through
  • Fixed blurriness in the text in the main menu
  • Fixed the 5-S leaderboard's title being blurry
  • Fixed the 5-S leaderboard sometimes overflowing
  • Removed an invisible collider in the Credits Museum
  • Fixed the 7-4 sand warping too much with texture warping
  • Improved camera angle check for posing mannequins
  • Swordsmachine AI no longer breaks after throwing a sword at a flying enemy
  • Modified hookpoint values now get properly saved in sandbox saves
  • Fixed the player unstucker trigger under the 7-2 bomb being visible
  • Fixed 2-2's first checkpoint not disabling the black cube blocking off the previous area if the player has gone far enough to activate it
  • Fixed a small gap in the ceiling of 2-2's generator room
  • Fixed an untagged wall in 1-2
  • Fixed the 1-2 blue skull room door not closing if the player checkpoints after picking up the skull
  • Fixed Swordsmachines getting launched up unpredictably when attacking up a ramp
  • Fixed the Swordsmachine spiral sword throw having an incorrect speed at lower difficulties
  • Fixed the style meter text sometimes appearing behind weapons
  • Fixed the Hideous Mass, Flesh Prison and Flesh Panopticon death animations not healing the player if blood is turned off
  • Fixed 0-4 challenge counting total slide time and not uninterrupted slide time
  • Fixed 4-1 final arena sometimes having a delay before ending
  • Fixed issues with loading Violence layer music in the Cyber Grind
  • Streetcleaner canister no longer gets teleported to world origin if its spawn room reaches the maximum gib count after a canister instakill
  • Fixed Filth limbs sometimes getting teleported to world origin
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable


Those are the extensive patch notes on April 15 in the Full Arsenal update for Ultrakill on Steam PC.

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