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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Patch Notes Mar 28


Here are the Patch Notes for March 28th, 2024

The following notes are for our upcoming, March 28th, 2024 patch. It is scheduled to begin rolling out on console and PC at roughly 8AM EDT. With this patch players will also be able to play on the newest map, The Mill and try out the newest DLC character, Virginia.

The patch will address the following issues:


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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Mar 28 PATCH NOTES

  • Tuned: Julie’s Proximity Aura
    • We have tuned Julie’s Proximity Aura
    • Her Proximity Aura radius is now slightly smaller, to match the other Victims


  • Tuned: Nancy’s Wait a Second Perk
    • We have tuned the perk Wait a Second
    • Victims who are ensnared in Nancy’s barbed wire will now wait 3/5/8 seconds before being able to remove it
    • Previously, Victims would have to wait 10/15/20 seconds to remove it


  • Changed: Credits Added for Cissy Jones and Michael Johnston
    • We added in credits for the Nancy and Danny characters
    • The amazing Cissy Jones does both voice acting and motion capture for Nancy
    • The talented Michael Johnston voices Danny


  • Fixed: Family Members Softlocked
    • We fixed the problem where Family members would get softlocked for the rest of a match if stunned while losing stamina
    • This fix applies to being stunned by a doorslam, barged by Leland, and sneak attacked


  • Fixed: Choose Fight Perk
    • We fixed an issue where Choose Fight at level 3 was not adding 5 seconds of stun duration at the end of a close encounter
    • This was previously fixed but came undone during the February 6th update


  • Fixed: Nicotero Chainsaw Audio on Leatherface Variants
    • We have fixed an issue where the unique Nicotero saw sound was incorrect when equipped on other Leatherface outfits
    • Now, when using the Nicotero saw on a non-Nicotero Leatherface, the correct audio will be present


  • Fixed: Lobby Timer Countdown Not Showing
    • We fixed a UI issue where players would not see the lobby timer during the 5 seconds before a match launches


  • Fixed: Lobby Timer Softlocking
    • We fixed an issue where players could get softlocked if the lobby timer UI did not trigger and they had the Settings menu open at the start of the match


  • Fixed: Makin’ Grandpa Proud
    • We have fixed the issue where Makin’ Grandpa Proud was not unlocking, however Makin’ Grandpa Proud will only unlock for base game maps, meaning that it will not unlock on Nancy’s House or The Mill


  • Fixed: Match Not Ending
    • We fixed an issue where games would sometimes not end after the last Victim was killed or disconnected


  • Fixed: Leland’s Star Sign Ability Description
    • We fixed an error in Leland’s Star Sign ability description which incorrectly stated, “Does not affect Leatherface”
    • This line has been removed


  • Fixed: Twinkle Toes Perk
    • We fixed an issue where Twinkle Toes was not functioning when Victims ran through bone charms at all levels
    • Twinkle Toes will now work as intended


  • Fixed: Stuck Spots on Nancy’s House
    • We fixed an issue where Victims would sometimes get stuck in a wall after jumping down a well on Nancy’s House leading to the North Tunnel
    • We fixed an issue where Victims would sometimes become stuck on a shelf after being hit off the ladder in Nancy’s Bedroom


  • Fixed: Family Members Stuck on Couch in Slaughterhouse
    • We fixed an issue where Family members would sometimes get stuck when picking up blood in the Cutting Room
    • The blood bucket has been moved to prevent Family members from becoming stuck


  • Fixed: Cook Padlocks
    • We fixed an issue where the unlock mini game would sometimes incorrectly remove the main lock instead of Cook’s padlock when placed on an already locked door/gate
    • This would prevent Cook from removing the padlock
    • Now when Victims attempt to unlock a door with Cook’s padlock placed on it, the first lock to be broken will be Cook’s padlock


  • Fixed: Nancy’s Stamina Bar Refill
    • We fixed an issue where Nancy’s stamina bar would sometimes refill without delay when the perk “Wait a Second” was equipped


  • Fixed: Users Experiencing Constant Rubberbanding
    • We fixed an issue where some players were experiencing rubberbanding during matches that would be brief in duration but consistent


  • Fixed: Players Softlocked After Disabling Crossplay
    • We fixed an issue where if players would disable crossplay while in a crossplay party the subsequent removal would sometimes result in becoming softlocked
    • Now disabling crossplay while in a crossplay lobby will still result in being kicked from the party, but players will no longer be softlocked


  • Fixed: Leatherface Spawn Point
    • We fixed an issue where Leatherface would sometimes spawn outside of the Basement


  • Fixed: Title Crash During Match Reconnect
    • We fixed an issue where Family members would sometimes experience a crash when attempting to reconnect to the match


  • Fixed: Danny Scream Audio During Opening Cutscene
    • We fixed an issue where if Danny was featured during the opening cutscene, Leland’s voice over would play
    • Now when Danny is featured in the opening cutscene, his correct voice over will be present


  • Fixed: HUD Not Displaying Correctly on HDD
    • We fixed an issue where Player’s HUD would not display properly when installed on an HDD


  • Fixed: Generator Interaction Prompt
    • We fixed an issue where Victim players were able to turn off the generator from the side, resulting in the ability to bypass traps
    • Now Victims will not be able to start the interaction when standing on the side of the generator


  • Fixed: Lobby Crash on Slaughterhouse
    • We fixed an issue where Lobbies would sometimes crash when a Family Member attacked a Victim climbing down the ladder on the side of the Tool Storage


  • Fixed: Blood Glow on Slaughterhouse
    • We fixed an issue where blood would sometimes have a yellow shine in the Leatherface’s Lair area
    • Now blood will not shine and correctly show red in color


The Mill will be free to all players. Virginia will cost $9.99 USD.

To report any and all existing or persistent issues, please use the support site.

Thanks for your continued support and patience! Keep the conversation going on our official subreddit, r/TXChainSawGame, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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Those are the patch notes on March 28 for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on multiple platforms.

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