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The Day Before Release Time: When Does The Day Before Come Out?

The controversial game The Day Before was once the most-wishlisted game on Steam (just barely down to second place now with a count of 262K). With the game finally on the verge of release, you might be wondering exactly what time you can step into its immersive open-world sandbox set in real-world New York City, so find out everything there is to know in this release guide for The Day Before.

When Does The Day Before Release?

The Day Before has been given a simultaneous global release date of the 7th of December at 10AM PST. For other regions, that translates to the following times:

  • GMT: Dec. 7, 6 PM
  • Europe: Dec. 7, 7 PM
  • Eastern Time: Dec. 7, 1 PM EST
  • Central Time: Dec. 7, 12 PM CST
  • Mountain Time: Dec. 7, 11 AM MST
  • Pacific Time: Dec. 7, 10 AM PST
  • Korea: Dec 8, 3 AM KST
  • Japan: Dec 8, 3 AM JST
  • Australia: Dec 8, 5 AM AET

Is The Day Before On Game Pass?

No, not at this time. The Day Before is currently exclusive to the Steam Store, and no announcements have been made regarding inclusion in the Microsoft Game Store or Game Pass. Nor has there been any indication of an Epic Games Store or GOG release at this time.

When Does The Day Before Come To Consoles?

There have been no announcements for porting The Day Before to either Xbox or PlayStation as of now. It’s worth noting that developer Fntastic’s previous release, Propnight from 2021, remains exclusive to PC as well, just over two years since its release.

What Is The Day Before?

The Day Before is an MMO survival game based in the post-pandemic open-world of the US East Coast, not unlike Ubisoft’s The Division. Aside from contending with a variety of zombies, players will also have to either best or befriend humans, both AI and real, while scrounging for supplies and crafting items. Vehicular gameplay adds another layer to the sandbox experience. All in all, The Day Before evokes several other similar games, including DayZ and Dying Light among others, but sets itself apart with its post-apocalyptic rendering of real-world New York City.

That’s everything there is to know about The Day Before ahead of its Early Access release on Steam. Check out our guides coverage of another hit multiplayer survival game: Lethal Company, such as the best mods for it, and getting massive 100-player lobbies up and running.