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TerraTech Worlds Update Patch Notes Mar 27


Hi everyone - as promised, the larger update that we mentioned is now live. We do have further updates planned for TerraTech Worlds, including further game balancing and bug fixes, and we’ll share more on those ideally this week.
Before getting into this, we do just want to say thank you for the positivity and support sent our way after Monday’s update. We really appreciate you sticking with us, and we hope that pays off as we continue our Early Access journey together.
Now, about this update…


Resource Harvesting

  • Reduced health for trees, boulders, Hematite, and Cuprite
  • Boulders now only yield Debris.
  • Added Quartz (Silicon, Gold) to all forest areas, not just the blue forest as before (this change will re-add all resource givers across the planet in ongoing saves, meaning previously harvested resources will be back again).
  • Halite is less scattered throughout the coastline, but abundant near Lightning Trees.
  • Decreased the power consumption for the Resource Laser from 10 units of power per second to 6.5 so it can be fired for longer
  • Reduced the amount of heat generated by the Resource Laser to make it harder for players to overheat when using them. They were generating 0.5 degrees per second when fired, they now generate 0.2 degrees per second when fired.
  • Sped up processing times for the Fragmenter
  • Increased the resource yield for the Fragmenter


Cost reductions

  • Carbon now burns in Carbon Generators for 1 min (up from 20 seconds), Refined Carbon burns for 5 mins, Pure Carbon burns for 30 mins.
  • Cost to craft Heavy Ammo reduced from 1 Refined Iron + Refined Copper to 2 Iron + 2 Copper
  • Cost to craft Plasma Ammo reduced from 1 Refined Aluminium + 1 Refined Copper to 1 Refined Aluminium + 2 Copper
  • Reduced the crafting time for all ammo and consumables
    • Light Ammo 3 seconds
    • Heavy Ammo 5 seconds
    • Plasma Ammo 8 seconds
    • Grenade Ammo 10 seconds
    • Missile Ammo 15 seconds
    • Rocket Fuel 5 seconds
    • Heater Fuel 5 seconds
    • Wash Solution 5 seconds
  • Increased Light Ammo drops from enemies from 0-30 to 0-100
  • Decreased the recipe costs for the Block Fabricator so it now costs 5 Refined Aluminium and 5 Refined Copper to craft
  • Decreased the amount of Refined Aluminium needed to craft the Heavy Hauler Cab from 40 to 30


Enemy Block drop rates

  • Increased block drop chance from all enemies.



  • Increased the default Tech Yard block storage amount to 200, up from 100.
  • Tech Yard Storage expansions also offer 200 increased block storage, up from 50.


Larger Tech builds

  • Cab Reactor Capacities and Efficiencies have been increased across the board, significantly more so for later-game cabs:
    • Scout Cab - Reactor Capacity: 100 -> 125, Cab Efficiency: 80 -> 100, Total: 180 -> 225
    • Navigator Cab - Reactor Capacity: 100 -> 125, Cab Efficiency: 100 -> 125, Total: 200 -> 250
    • Engineer Cab - Reactor Capacity: 100 -> 140, Cab Efficiency: 160 -> 220, Total: 260 -> 360
    • Centurion Cab - Reactor Capacity: 120 -> 180, Efficiency: 140 -> 220, Total: 360 -> 400
    • C.R.A.B. XL Cab - Reactor Capacity: 160 -> 260, Cab Efficiency: 40 -> 140, Total: 200 -> 400
    • Heavy Hauler Cab - Reactor Capacity: 180 -> 320, Cab Efficiency: 20 -> 80, Total: 200 -> 400
    • Harvester Cab - Reactor Capacity: 150 -> 280, Cab Efficiency: 50 -> 120, Total: 200 -> 400
  • Modified built-in cab cargo sizes across all cabs. Some are the same, some have had their cargo sizes increased. The distribution is now as follows:
    • 8x3 for the Scout
    • 8x4 for the Navigator, Centurion, C.R.A.B. XL, Engineer
    • 8x5 for the Heavy Hauler and the Harvester



  • Reduced the default camera height from 550 down to 300
  • Allowed players to lower the camera focus with a slider
    • The new default behaviour is to adjust the camera height value automatically as you zoom in and out, to keep your Tech in the frame. There is a tick box in the options to turn this behaviour off, in which case you get a camera height slider to raise or lower it to your preference.



  • Moved the objective to craft a block fabricator from the base objectives track to the certification one and added an objective that asks players to claim a reward to ensure players know how to claim rewards and have claimed the block licence for the small cargo
    • These both auto-complete if they have already been done



  • Fixed various crashes reported to the crash reporter
  • A warning now displays if Steam libraries have become corrupt
  • Enabled crash reports for dedicated servers
  • Users are now notified if they’re kicked from a session, rather than just seeing ‘Connection Lost’
  • Prevented crashes caused by a discrepancy between client and server transforms when techs desync
  • Fixed some blocky shorelines
[*] A message is now shown to the player and a forced exit given if if their CPU does not support required AVX instructions


TerraTech Worlds Update Patch Notes Critical Fix Mar 25


That’s everything in the patch notes for the update on March 27 for TerraTech Worlds on Steam PC.

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