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TerraTech Worlds Update Patch Notes Critical Fix Mar 25


We’ve just released a critical fix update to address a number of crashes and freezes that players have been experiencing. This is a small but urgent update, and we want to make sure that we get this out as soon as possible. This includes:
  • Fixing the issue where players can’t interact with the inventory when HideUI option is enabled
  • Fixing a crash that occurs if a cargo block is shot off your Tech while you’re firing an ammo-using weapon
  • Fixing a crash that can occur when a cab (or Halo Relocator) is shot off a Tech at the same time as the halo is turned off
  • Fixed an issue where launching a New Game fails and takes you back to the Main Menu (for those running the game from a network drive).
  • Fixed a crash that can occur if loading a save with an active fragmenter


We also want to say how much we appreciate the feedback we’ve seen from you over the weekend - we have been listening to everything you’ve been saying and are acting on that feedback. Later today we will have more to share about a forthcoming update that is more directly focused on game balancing, feature changes and much more. This is just the beginning - more to come soon.


TerraTech Worlds Update Patch Notes Mar 27


That’s everything in the critical fix update on March 25 for TerraTech Worlds on Steam PC.

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