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Starfield New Game Plus Guide: Does Starfield Have NG+?

Want to try out playing Starfield New Game Plus for a brand-new challenge? Starfield is finally here, and the game is a fairly long playthrough, clocking in at a hundred hours for some. Many players might be wondering if there’s even more to the game after the finale. This Starfield guide will outline everything you can do once you’ve taken the final step in the main questline.

Is There A New Game Plus In Starfield?

Yes, unusually for a Bethesda game and Western RPGs in general, there is a New Game+ (NG+) in Starfield, available right on release day. Its implementation is quite the departure from other games that also feature the mode. WIthout spoiling, the game’s story also makes sense of the choice to play New Game Plus.

What Changes in Starfield NG+?

While the main questline will remain the same, besides any deviations you take in dialogue trees, completely new side quests will become available on your second playthrough of the game, and are exclusive to NG+. There will naturally be a difficulty spike in combat encounters given your higher level.

What Carries Over in Starfield New Game Plus?

The only thing that carries over into New Game Plus is player personal development i.e. XP, levels, challenges, skills, traits, powers etc. Everything else from the current run is wiped including ships, suits, gear, credits, resources, outposts, relationships, and bounties. This amounts to a full reset of the universe, with the sole exception of your character. It’s not a total loss though, as you will be given a full suit of armor and a new ship, both of which are unique to NG+.

The remainder of this guide features spoilers for the main quest’s final mission.

How To Start NG+ In Starfield

Towards the end of the main quest in your first playthrough, there will be one final quest to undertake: “One Giant Leap”. At its conclusion, you will be presented with a choice between stepping into the new universe, or staying in the old. You can choose to wrap up any loose ends in the here and now, while you still have access to all the gadgets and toys you have been accumulating. If all you want is the Achievement for completing the quest, be sure to make a manual save and then step through, and then simply reload your save. In the event that you went through into Starfield‘s New Game Plus without saving first, just reload your oldest autosave from right after your run began, in order to return to normal mode.

That’s everything there is to know about the NG+ mode in Starfield. Check out our guide hub for another great RPG that just recently released: Sea of Stars.

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