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All Splatoon 3 Hairstyles: Inklings, Octolings, & Smallfry

It’s not really “hair”, but you know what I mean.

Fashion is one of the most, if not the most important part of Splatoon. In-lore, Inklings are always trying to look “fresher” than their peers. It’s a compelling feature: you may as well look nice while taunting the enemy team on the victory screen. For Splatoon, fashion means a personalized setup of shirt, headgear, shoes, and shorts, but the characters’ weird ink-tentacle hair also comes in a variety of styles. It’s not always visible if your hat is big enough, but all the hairstyle options are available from the start, making this a quick and easy way to personalize without spending $500 on a pair of sunglasses. Here are all the Splatoon 3 hairstyles for Inklings. There are sixteen, and they can be changed at any time from the equip menu. I’ll model them for you next to this pile of garbage.

splatoon 3 inkling hair 1

splatoon 3 inkling hair 2

splatoon 3 inkling hair 3

splatoon 3 inkling hair 4

splatoon 3 inkling hair 5
This is the original Inkling Girl hairstyle from Splatoon 1.
splatoon 3 inkling hair 6
This is the original Inkling Boy.

splatoon 3 inkling hair 7

splatoon 3 inkling hair 8

splatoon 3 inkling hair 9

splatoon 3 inkling hair 10

splatoon 3 inkling hair 11

splatoon 3 inkling hair 12

splatoon 3 inkling hair 13

splatoon 3 inkling hair 14

splatoon 3 inkling hair 15

splatoon 3 inkling hair 16

All Octoling Hairstyles

And here are all the Splatoon 3 hairstyles for Octolings. Their tentacles are different from Inklings, so they get a completely different set of hairstyles. They’re also newer, so they don’t have as many options: Eight, appropriately enough.

If you picked Inkling at the start of the game and want to play with this extra set of styles, don’t worry: it’s possible to change your race to Octoling from the Options menu (not the Equip menu). There’s an “extras” button that will let you run through character creation again with no penalty.

splatoon 3 octoling hair 1

splatoon 3 octoling hair 2

splatoon 3 octoling hair 3

splatoon 3 octoling hair 4

splatoon 3 octoling hair 5
This is the original Octoling girl design from Splatoon 2.
splatoon 3 octoling hair 1
This is the original Octoling Boy.

splatoon 3 octoling hair 7

splatoon 3 octoling hair 8

Splatoon 3: Smallfry’s Hairstyles

And, for completion’s sake, here are the seven hairstyle options available for your Smallfry friend. You can change this along with your startup character creation.

splatoon 3 smallfry hair 1 splatoon 3 smallfry hair 2 splatoon 3 smallfry hair 3 splatoon 3 smallfry hair 4

splatoon 3 smallfry hair 5
“I demand to speak with your manager”

splatoon 3 smallfry hair 6 splatoon 3 smallfry hair 7

It’s always possible that more hairstyles will be added to Splatoon 3 later. It’s a pretty frequent request. For now, though, we don’t know about any plans to add more. It’s safest to assume this will be the whole selection.

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