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Skull And Bones Pyromaniac Sambuk Blueprint And Crafting

How and where to get the Pyromaniac Sambuk blueprint in Skull and Bones and all of the ship’s crafting requirements and stats.

Skull and Bones has several advanced ships that unlock later in the game, among them the medium-sized Sambuk. This guide is all about finding the specific blueprint for the rare Pyromaniac Sambuk and its crafting requirements.

Skull and Bones: Pyromaniac Sambuk Blueprint Location

The Pyromaniac Sambuk blueprint can be acquired from multiple sources. The nearest one would be at Sainte-Anne itself, where you will likely come across it during the course of play anyway. Unlike with most other ship blueprints, you might not even be able to interact with the vendors that have the Pyromaniac Sambuk if you haven’t achieved the minimum Infamy rank required of Cutthroat I.




Skull and Bones: The Manager Of Le Pont Muet Location

The location of this NPC is initially not marked on the map. In order to find Yanita Nara, Manager of Le Pont Muet, simply head to the tavern on the eastern edge of the map of Sainte-Anne, well away from the central cluster of other NPC icons. Inside, speak with Yanita Nara, and within her ‘Open the Black Market’ section, the Pyromaniac Sambuk blueprint will be further down mixed in with all the other cosmetics and blueprints.

Skull and Bones: The Manager Of Palka Buta Location

The other location is at the good old Den of Telok Penjarah, pictured above. This point of interest is located in the center of the East Indies. To travel there from Sainte-Anne, bear north-east across the treacherous Open Seas, and through the straits between the first two large islands you make sight of. Alternatively, it may be possible to fast travel to a closer departure point at any previously unlocked locations in the East Indies, such as the Kelelawar Chamber Outpost situated further east, and then make the journey from there.

Houma Nara, the Manager of Palka Buta is also an unmarked NPC at first. You can find her tucked away in her tavern near the north-eastern edge of Telok Penjarah’s map.

This rare ship blueprint will set you back 5000 Pieces of Eight, and is all about setting everything on fire.

It is currently unknown if this particular blueprint can potentially be found as a Contract reward.

Skull and Bones: Pyromaniac Sambuk Crafting

Crafting the ship itself has some resource requirements:

Crafting MaterialsMaterial Count
Greenheart Plank15
Magnetite Ingot15
Roselle Cloth12
Wood Tar4
Torsion Spring2
Eels’ Twine1

Finally, there is the additional cost in Silver: 12000. All told, the total cost to acquire the Pyromaniac Sambuk is 5000 Pieces of Eight and 12000 Silver, aside from any refining costs for some of the crafting materials.


Skull And Bones Vanguard Snow Blueprint And Crafting


Skull and Bones: Pyromaniac Sambuk Stats And Perks

A ship specialized in dishing out fire damage and burning its targets. It is also able to target multiple enemies in close proximity. Its stats and perk make it an ideal DPS ship.

Base Ship Rank5
Hull Health35000
Brace Strength7000
Speed11 Knots
Trimming Speed14 Knots
Loadout: Bow2 Upper Gunports + 4 Lower Gunports
Loadout: Broadsides4 Upper Gunports + 3 Lower Gunports
Loadout: Stern2 Upper Gunports + 2 Lower Gunports
Loadout: Auxiliary1 Slot
Loadout: Armor1 Slot
Loadout: Furniture5 Slots

The Pyromaniac Sambuk has the Scorched Perk:

  • Deals 5000 Burning Damage when you apply the Ablaze effect to an enemy ship
  • Ablaze will be applied to enemies in a radius of 150m
  • Increases damage to ships that are Ablaze by 30%
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