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Skull And Bones Hullbreaker Brigantine Blueprint And Crafting

How and where to get the Hullbreaker Brigantine blueprint in Skull and Bones and all of the ship’s crafting requirements and stats.

Skull and Bones has a number of ships to choose from, beginning with the lowly Dhow, all the way up to the hulking Brigantine. This guide is all about finding the specific blueprint for the Hullbreaker Brigantine and its crafting requirements.

Skull and Bones: Hullbreaker Brigantine Blueprint Location

The Hullbreaker Brigantine blueprint is sold exclusively by the Vendor known as the Corrupt DMC Officer at the Ruined Lighthouse Outpost, pictured above. This point of interest is located in the center of the East Indies. To travel there from Sainte-Anne (lower-left corner), bear north-east across the treacherous Open Seas, and through the straits between the first two large islands you make sight of. Alternatively, it may be possible to fast travel to a closer departure point at any previously unlocked locations in the East Indies, such as the Kelelawar Chamber Outpost situated further east, and then make the journey from there.




After you disembark at the Ruined Lighthouse location, the Corrupt DMC Officer can be found directly left of the landing area. This Vendor stocks a number of blueprints for both weapons and ships, including the one we’re seeking: the Brigantine. This high-level ship blueprint will set you back 15840 Silver, and is capable of ramming ships and causing flood damage, hence the title ‘Hullbreaker’.

If you’d rather not spend that Silver, the blueprint can potentially be found in the East Indies, possibly as a Contract reward.

Skull and Bones: Hullbreaker Brigantine Crafting

While there’s nothing stopping you from acquiring or purchasing the blueprint, aside from the availability of Silver, crafting the ship itself has some stringent requirements. To begin with, you must be at Cutthroat I Infamy rank in order to craft the Hullbreaker Brigantine at the Shipwright. Next are the resources required:

Crafting MaterialsMaterial Count
Roselle Cloth14
Greenheart Plank13
Magnetite Ingot12
Crude Saltpeter4
Sheet Glass2
Torsion Spring2

Finally, there is the additional cost in Silver: 8640. All told, the total cost to acquire the Hullbreaker Brigantine is 24480 Silver, aside from any refining costs for some of the crafting materials.


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Skull and Bones: Hullbreaker Brigantine Stats And Perks

A swift ship that is able to ram singular targets and cause flooding damage. Its stats and perk make it an ideal DPS ship.

Base Ship Rank5
Hull Health40000
Brace Strength8000
Speed12 Knots
Trimming Speed18 Knots
Loadout: Bow2 Upper Gunports + 2 Lower Gunports
Loadout: Broadsides4 Upper Gunports + 4 Lower Gunports
Loadout: Stern2 Upper Gunports
Loadout: Auxiliary1 Slot
Loadout: Armor1 Slot
Loadout: Furniture5 Slots

The Hullbreaker Brigantine has the Bullhorn Perk which is similar to that of the Bedar, but more powerful:

  • Increases damage from ramming by 45%
  • Reduces duration of Torn Sails effect by 80%
  • Applies Flooded to an enemy ship upon ramming
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