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Season: A Letter to the Future Trophy Guide: All Trophies

If you’re looking for a laid-back game to kickstart 2023, Season: A Letter to the Future may be right up your alley, and our trophy guide can help you get that 100%. This pensive adventure title casts you as Estelle, a young girl who sets off on her bicycle to travel the world and document everything around her before an unknown event – referred to as the end of the season – potentially ends all existence. With a gorgeous art style and interactive landscapes, fans of quiet and reflective experiences should find a lot to love about Estelle and her quest to leave a record behind.

In addition to its compelling narrative, Season is a relatively straightforward game when it comes to its trophy list. There are 16 trophies to earn in the game, with some being automatic story unlocks and others requiring a little bit of extra effort by completing certain tasks while exploring the world. Either way, it shouldn’t take the average player too terribly long to knock out everything that is asked of them in Estelle’s journey. 

While trophy hunters should find Season to be a breezy list to 100%, it’s worth noting that the game doesn’t come bearing a Platinum, unfortunately. As much of a bummer as that might be, many players are sure to find the stunning visuals and intriguing story worth their investment anyways.

Season: A Letter to the Future Trophy Guide (All Trophies)

  • The End: Witness the end of a season.
  • Deep Listener: Find a botanical voice.
  • Grey Hands Praxix 101: Begin your political education.
  • Love Uncoverer: Uncover some kind of secret romance.
  • Graffiti Artist: Leave a mark on Tieng Valley.
  • Journal Beautifier: Completely customize a page in your journal.
  • Dream Listener: Listen to your friend’s weird but meaningful dream.
  • Music for Cows: Play a herd of cows their favorite genre of music.
  • Tour de Tieng: Follow a little kid on a bike tour of the valley.
  • Home Leaver: A journey of a thousand seasons begins with a single step.
  • Outside World Seer: See the outside world before it’s gone.
  • Stranger Encounterer: Encounter a stranger and have a pleasant interaction.
  • Emotional Baggage Handler: Help Sophon pack the last of her things.
  • Artist Assistant: Capture Tieng Valley in a moment.
  • Shriner Arriver: Arrive at the Shrine.
  • Goodbye Tieng Valley: Exit the Valley before the flood enters it.

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