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Sea of Stars Elder Mist Boss Fight Guide: How to Beat Elder Mist

The Elder Mist is one of the first major bosses you will face in Sea of Stars. If you’re not aware of everything within this boss fight, it’s quite easy to lose to the Elder Mist. It’s a fight that requires lots of strategy, as he has the capability to wipe your party out quickly. 

After completing the Elder Mist Trial and collecting all three artifacts, you will face off against the Elder Mist in the skies. This battle is much different than the first boss, the Bosslug. Here’s everything you need to know about defeating the Elder Mist.

How to Defeat the Elder Mist Boss

When you first enter the battle, it’s important you notice something. There are two enemies you can technically hit: the Elder Mist and his sword. You need to move over to his sword and attack it instead of his body.

The reason for this is by attacking the sword, you will prevent him from damaging you in large amounts. His sword has a special attack that deals massive damage to your party if left unchecked. His sword will lose energy after a certain amount of HP is hit, and then you will have a few turns where the Elder Mist is recharging. 

Elder Mist Boss Defeated Sea of StarsAs the fight rages on, continue cycling heals. This can be done with the combo move between Zale and Valere, Healing Light, as well as by utilizing Garl’s healing ability Nourish. Additionally, utilizing food is also a fine way of healing. The strategy is to simply take out his sword each time it becomes active and then focus on the main body to slowly chip away at the Elder Mist’s overall HP. 

By following this strategy, you can take down the Elder Mist and head off into the vast world that awaits! Sea of Stars is available now across all major platforms. Be sure to check out our relics guide for items that can assist you in tough battles like these!