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Sea of Stars Elder Mist Trial Artifacts Guide: All Answers & More

When you first make it to the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars, he will take you to a platform where you have to complete three separate pathways to make three artifacts appear. Each artifact is obtained in different ways, which can lead to you struggling if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

Luckily, we have compiled a step-by-step guide for each of the three artifacts! Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining the artifacts in Sea of Stars

How to Obtain the Left Artifact in Sea of Stars

This trial will involve you following a path and solving a puzzle with a moving platform. Follow the below steps to complete this trial and earn the left artifact in Sea of Stars:

1) Hit the lever to lower the floating platform. You’ll need to defeat a few enemies for this.
2) Go up the stairs and defeat the enemies. Continue right.
3) Hit the lever you hit earlier to return the platform to its floating position.
4) Go Up the ladder to the moving platform and use it to move to the next area.
5) Defeat the enemies to return to the main platform. The left artifact will now appear.

How to Obtain the Middle Artifact: Elder Mist Quiz Answers

The Elder Mist Trial in Sea of Stars, with all three artifact figures appeared

The middle path will take you take an island where you’ll need to answer a few questions. Here, simply follow the path as it opens and click on any of the boards you pass to complete the puzzle. The answers are as follows:

Q: Of these two actions, which one regenerates MP?
A: Attacking

Q: What is the name of the school you went to?
A: Zenith Academy

Q: One very important Solstice Warrior duty is to destroy Dwellers, who become vulnerable under which natural phenomenon?
A: Eclipse

How to Obtain the Right Artifact

The right artifact is by far the easiest on this list. You simply just need to follow the linear pathway to obtain access to the right and final artifact. 

Once you collect all three artifacts, you’ll be thrown into a surprise boss fight with the Elder Mist himself! If you’re having trouble defeating him, be sure to check out our Elder Mist boss fight guide!