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Sea of Stars Best Starter Equipment Guide: Best Early Accessories

Sea of Stars has plenty of equipment, accessories, weapons, and defensive items to choose from, akin to most RPGs out there. You can give yourself the best chance of success throughout the game’s boss battles by equipping your party with the best early-game items.

However, you might not be familiar with which items are best for the early game. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with some great items to look out for as starter equipment.

Best Starter Equipment in Sea of Stars

The easiest way to unlock new equipment is through any of the game’s shops. Additionally, you will be able to find great items in chests at some locations early on. This early equipment can be a great boon against early boss fights like the Elder Mist.

For all characters, the Adventurer’s Vest is a perfect starting point. This will grant you five defensive points and five magic defense points. Any character can equip this item, so purchasing multiple for each of your party members is an ideal strategy. Next, the Green Leaf accessory. With this item, your character is granted 15 extra HP. Any extra HP is more than welcome, especially as you face off against bosses such as the Elder Mist.

Another great accessory is the Leaching Thorn. For each normal attack, you will heal for 15% of the damage done to your character. As for weapons, the first new weapons you can buy in the shop, the set including the Teal Amber Staff, are great for starter equipment. With each level up, your stats will increase, so you can expect damage and other stats to steadily increase throughout the early portions of the game regardless of any new equipment purchases.

If you’re still struggling even with these items, it might be worth it to look into utilizing a Relic or two. Equipment like this should bode well for you as you traverse through the story and world that Sea of Stars offers. Looking to play some Wheels in Sea of Stars? Check out our extensive guide on the minigame!