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Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries Unlocks: How to Get Luis

Although the Resident Evil 4 remake has added new content, such as with the various requests, the core part of the experience is pretty similar. One memorable part missing was The Mercenaries game mode, but that has now been added as a free update. What’s especially exciting about it this time around is that RE4 Remake‘s Mercenaries added a new character with Luis.

Luis is a fan-favorite character from the original game and he’s received even more love in the remake. His absence in The Mercenaries Mode always felt like a missed opportunity and many were especially hopeful that he would be playable in this version of the mode. Evidently, Capcom knows how to please their fans. This is how to unlock Luis in The Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4.

How to Play as Luis in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries

When you first try out The Mercenaries, your choices will be limited to only the Village stage and Leon as a playable character. While you’ll be able to unlock more stages quickly enough, unlocking the rest of the characters will take a bit of effort. The requirements to unlock them are thankfully easy to understand.

The three locked characters are represented with silhouettes and if you’ve played the story you’ll recognize Luis as the first one. Hovering over his silhouette will give you the straightforward unlock condition to “achieve A rank or above as Leon on any stage.”

How to Achieve an A Rank in The Mercenaries with Leon

Get an A Rank with Leon in Mercenaries to unlock Luis as a playable character.

Every stage follows the same rank requirements, which are based on your resulting score. In order to pass a stage with an A rank, you’ll have to reach a minimum score of 100,000. You’ll mostly be following the same strategy as any other character: kill all of the enemies within the time limit, build up combos to earn more points, and make sure to hit any time orbs to extend your time.

Leon is the only character to come with three weapons so he’ll feel like he has the most tools at his disposal. Save the Riot Gun for when you’re surrounded or fighting an elite enemy and try to line up as many Ganados as possible to take them all out with a single shot from the Stingray sniper.

Parrying attacks and using melee finishers will also be a vital part of your game plan. Aside from the obvious benefits, in The Mercenaries they’ll also increase the Mayhem Mode bar. Leon’s Mayhem Mode increases his attack power and speed, turning each of his weapons into a powerhouse with a quick fire rate. Take the Riot Gun into a crowd of Ganados when Mayhem is active and you’ll rack up points faster than ever.

Each attempt lasts until you die, time runs out, or you’ve killed a maximum of 150 enemies. The latter is your goal, but you’ll still have a score if you die too. Keep an eye on the clock and make good use of Leon’s Mayhem Mode to earn a high score. Once you pass the stage with a 100,000+ score, you’ll get a notification that Luis has been unlocked.

Luis’ Loadout in RE4 Remake Mercenaries

In Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries, Luis is noticeably slower than Leon, but he makes up for it with power. In Mayhem Mode he can set down bundles of dynamite that prove effective against crowds. They can only be used one at a time and if you fast about it you can set three down before Mayhem Mode runs out. His loadout is as follows:

  • 1x Red9
  • 1x SR M1903
  • 1x Biometric Sensor
  • 1x Boot Knife
  • 1x Flash Grenade
  • 2x First Aid Spray
  • 30x Handgun Bullets
  • 5x Rifle Ammo

That’s how to unlock Luis for The Mercenaries Mode in Resident Evil 4. Have fun with how he plays and make sure to use the Photo Mode to take some one-of-a-kind pictures. If you particularly enjoy his Red9 Pistol, you might be happy to hear that you can find the Red9 Pistol for free in the main story.

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