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Resident Evil 4 Remake Grave Robber Request Guide

The Resident Evil 4 Remake has added a ton of different side quests, ranging from a mini-boss enemy with A Savage Mutt Request to destroying Blue Medallions. Grave Robber is one of the earliest you’ll come across and although it appears difficult at first, it’s surprisingly easy. This guide will cover how to quickly take care of the Grave Robber request in Resident Evil 4 and collect your Spinel rewards.

Where to find the Grave Robber Request in RE4

Where to find the Grave Robber request in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

This request is a tiny bit out of the way, but it’s likely you’ll come across it if you’re exploring every route and area. It becomes available starting in Chapter 3, once you can finally access the Church and cemetery. After getting the cutscene showing the Church doors are locked, you will need to walk around the right side. Skip the door on the left and keep walking until you’re behind the building. The request will be pinned all the way at the end next to some treasure and a bundle of resources.

How to Complete the Grave Robber Side Quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In order to complete this request, the emblems on a couple of tombstones will need to be destroyed. To be more specific, the request mentions that the tombstones are for a pair of “traitorous twins” who joined the Los Iluminados cult.

The cemetery in front of the Church has a bunch of graves and quite a few of them have different emblems on them. There isn’t a lot to go off of and the correct ones won’t pop up on the map either.

Before you go desecrating every tombstone in sight, it’s important to recall that the ones you’re looking for belong to a pair of twins. Since they’re related, it would make sense for them to be buried close to each other and maybe even have identical tombstones.

A pair of tombstones near the front of the cemetery fit the bill perfectly. They’re the only tombstones with emblems to be situated right next to each other and they both have the same V-like design. Right behind them are a gate and the fallen tree. If you want to know where they appear on the map, check out the image below.

All you need to do is destroy the emblems. Shooting is of course an option, but at this range, you can save some bullets if you’d like and just use your knife. After you’re finished, head back to the Merchant’s shop near the village and turn the request in. You’ll be rewarded with 2 Spinel.

It may not be much, but every bit counts. If you want to stay on top of these requests and earn more rewards, we’ve got you covered with an easily missable one from Chapter 4 which tasks you with finding the rare Golden Egg!