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Pokemon Violet Typhlosion Location Guide: How to Get Typhlosion

Another new starter Pokemon, Typhlosion, is coming to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. After making its return as a starter Pokemon in the recent spin-off Pokemon Legends Arceus, Typhlosion has now made its way to the Paldea region. Here is a complete guide on where to find & how to get Typhlosion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

How to Catch Typhlosion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Much like when other starter Pokemon, like Greninja, came to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are two methods to obtain a Typhlosion of your own. This Pokemon won’t be available in the wild. This gives you two options to obtain Typhlosion: beat it in the limited-time Tera Raid event, or receive Typhlosion (or one of its pre-evolutions) through a trade.

The more surefire way to get Typhlosion in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet is through the limited-time seven-star raid event. This Tera Raid event is scheduled for two weekends: April 14-16 will be your first chance to get your hands on this rare Pokemon. The second will be during the weekend of April 21-23. Beware, though, this raid battle won’t be easy.

In a reference to its new Hisuian form in Pokemon Legends Arceus, this Typhlosion will have the Tera type ghost. It also features a tough moveset with the following moves:

  • Eruption
  • Shadow Ball
  • Play Rough
  • Earthquake

Some suggested counters for this battle include Daschbun, Houndoom, Honchcrow, & Goodra. You can find these dens by looking for dens marked with the ghost type symbol on the world map. Also, make sure you meet the following conditions for unlocking seven-star raids: 

  • Finish the final quest, “The Way Home”
  • Complete all 8 gym leader rematches
  • Win the Academy Ace Tournament
  • Host many 5 star raids and get a call from Jacq

Other than the raid, the only way to get a Typhlosion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is through trades. The only real reliable way to do this is to have a friend who took on and defeated the raid, and have them breed you a Cyndaquil. Alternatively, you could get lucky and have a good samaritan on Surprise Trade send you one.

Those are all of the ways to currently get a Typhlosion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet! It’s also worth noting that more methods could be on the way. Pokemon Home compatibility with Scarlet & Violet is stated to be coming in Spring 2023, so here’s hoping that players won’t have to wait long until they can transfer Typhlosions of their own to the Paldea region.

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