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Persona 5 Royal: All Crossword Answers

Raise your Knowledge using the JRPG equivalent to a round of bathroom Sudoku.

Knowledge is one of the most important Social Stats in Persona 5 Royal. It is also one with perhaps the most ways to level up without wasting any of your precious time. We’ve covered all the answers to classroom questions in Persona 5 Royal, but what about questions elsewhere?

When you return to Leblanc on certain evenings, there could be a book of crosswords sitting in one of the booths in the foreground. Solving these puzzles gets you some extra Knowledge EXP without spending any time, even if you’ve been to the Metaverse that day. We’ve got all the answers to these crossword puzzles to help you maximize your efforts in Persona 5 Royal.

While the crosswords are available only on certain days like the classroom questions, unlike the classroom quizzes, the crosswords will always go in the same order no matter which of the days you solve the puzzles. For example, it does not matter if you find your first puzzle in April or August, it will always begin with Q1, then proceed to Q2 on the next available day, and so on.      

Persona 5 Royal is now available on PlayStation 4 and releases on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 21st.

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers Q1-Q17

Persona 5 Royal Classroom Answers

Q1How school years are dividedSEMESTERS
Q2Hanami: cherry (?) viewingBLOSSOM
Q3Time for a trip: (?) WeekGOLDEN
Q4What are the May Blues?MALAISE
Q5Where art is shown off and soldGALLERY
Q6A type of outdoor allergyPOLLENOSIS
Q7Nihonga: (?) cultural artworkJAPANESE
Q8Label for an unparalleled artistMASTER
Q9Held to inform the publicCONFERENCE
Q10Changes with the seasonWARDROBE
Q11Exchanged all over the worldCURRENCY
Q12A border between air massesFRONT
Q13Medicine of carrying legalityNARCOTICS
Q14Many students’ greatest loveVACATION
Q15These gauge student knowledgeFINALS
Q16A seasonal skybound eventFIREWORKS
Q17A stationary hotspot: heat (?)ISLAND

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers Q18-Q34

Q18Necessary for daresCOURAGE
Q19A common skin injurySUNBURN
Q20When it’s too hot to sleepSWELTERING
Q21Techy term for e-infiltrationHACKING
Q22Localized destructive stormTYPHOON
Q23Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?)FESTIVAL
Q24Establishing order or worthRANKING
Q25Absorbs the most lightBLACK
Q26Co-opted Celtic holidayHALLOWEEN
Q27Lined up at school festivalsSTALLS
Q28Tipster hotlines offer thisREWARD
Q29Laying into someoneBASHING
Q30Draws people to youCHARISMA
Q31A.K.A. sweating sicknessINFLUENZA
Q32What lights do for store signageILLUMINATE
Q33Politicians thrive on this ratingAPPROVAL
Q34Joyful holiday w/ an intruderCHRISTMAS