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Persona 3 Portable Female Protagonist Romance Options Guide

Persona 3 Portable adds a new layer to its predecessor’s story and gameplay: a second protagonist joins the fray, and with her, an expanded selection of romance routes becomes available. While your choice of protagonist won’t affect any major gameplay elements, it will most certainly impact who you get to smooch in Persona 3’s colorful array of Social Links. Here’s a complete guide to the Persona 3 Portable female romance options!

Persona 3 Portable: Romance Options For Kotone (Female Protagonist)

A Persona 3 Portable Romance guide for the female protagonist, Kotone.

With a total of seven routes, including two with women, there’s something for everyone in Kotone’s Social Link options. Below you’ll find basic information about the requirements for each of Kotone’s eight potential love interests: Akihiko, Shinjiro, Ken, Ryoji, Aigis, Theodore, and Elizabeth.

Persona 3 Portable Female Romance Guide: Akihiko Sanada

Arcana: The Star

Akihiko’s Social Link requires a level four Charm skill (Queen Bee) to initiate, so be sure to level that up as you go. He also has very specific, easily-missable flags for certain conversations in his Social Link that can lock you out of his route if you don’t choose carefully. They are as follows…

  • Rank IV: Akihiko catches wind of a rumor that you may be dating someone else. Clarify that you aren’t, and when Akihiko says “Oh, no, it was just a rumor I heard. Sorry.”, choose the third dialogue option: “Don’t get the wrong idea, Senpai.”
  • Rank V: Over dinner, Akihiko asks, “Do you think I’m… strange?” Choose “You’re charming.”
  • Rank VIII: On the Gekkou High rooftop, Akihiko will say “… It’s the weirdest thing.” Give him a reality check by choosing the last dialogue option, “You’re in love.”

Other than that, the way to Akihiko’s heart is fairly straightforward. While he may seem cool-headed and put-together at first glance, Akihiko can be charmingly awkward where romance is concerned — you have to put the moves on him, or he just won’t take the hint.

Shinjiro Aragaki – P3P Female Protagonist Romance Guide

Arcana: The Moon

Unlike Akihiko’s route, Shinjiro’s is much easier to do correctly — his Social Link will advance automatically until you reach Rank X, at which point you’ll need to find and deliver his pocketwatch from the Iwatodai Police Station.

Finally, in order to “spend some time alone with Shinjiro”, you’ll want to do his optional event on Friday, October 2nd (via the in-game calendar system). It’s very straightforward from there; just make sure you stay with him, and don’t fall for his attempts to scare you away. Go get that boy! And make him take a shower, while you’re at it.

Ken Amada

Arcana: Justice

Unfortunately, 12-year-old Ken Amada has an optional romantic Social Link with Kotone. The most charitable way to read this route is to view it as a one-sided crush, but be warned that the protagonist’s dialogue options, especially from Rank VII onward, is likely to be uncomfortable for many players.

If you would like to avoid a romance with Ken, you can choose either of the following options in the first prompt during his Rank VII conversation…

  • “I have one.”
  • “Who cares about stuff like that!”

To progress further, you will need to make the following choices in your Rank VII conversation…

  • First prompt: “Unfortunately, I don’t have one.”
  • Second prompt: “He’s right in front of me.”
  • Third prompt: “Not at all.”

Persona 3 Female Protagonist Romance Guide: Ryoji Mochizuki

Ryoji, one of the female protagonist romance options in Persona 3 Portable.

Arcana: Fortune

With the most tricky and time-consuming romance route by far, Ryoji eludes many players during their first playthrough. Don’t let him be the one that got away — be sure to spend time with him whenever he asks! As a general rule of thumb, if you think you’ve spent enough time with Ryoji, you haven’t. There is no such thing as spending too much time with Ryoji. You will forfeit all of your time and material possessions to Ryoji, and you will like it.

The following conditions apply for maxing out Ryoji’s Social Link…

  • While his Rank I and II events occur automatically, you will need to talk to Ryoji after school and agree to spend time with him to unlock Rank III. Be sure to do this as soon as possible, otherwise you will be locked out of the rest of the route.
  • When Ryoji asks to spend some time together during the school trip to Kyoto, join him.
  • At Rank IV, Ryoji will ask about meeting up on November 22nd. Accept the invitation, and you will automatically advance to Rank VI and VII.
  • As long as you’ve spent time with Ryoji at all previous opportunities, you will be invited to your next date with him on November 29th. Go for it!
  • Following your date on the 29th, be sure to spend time with Ryoji after school, or you will be locked out of the route at Rank VIII.
  • If you have followed these instructions perfectly, you will automatically proceed to Rank X.

Aigis – Persona 3 Portable Female Romance Guide

Arcana: Aeon*

Unlike most other Social Links, Aigis has no dialogue options in her Rank I event. From Rank II onward, though, try to consider Aigis’ feelings about her own humanity, and help her find purpose in living. She’s a bit out of touch with social situations, and may seem overzealous in her urge to protect you, but her unwavering sincerity is exactly what makes her so charming.

*“Aeon” is an alternate version of the Major Arcana card Judgment. It was first created in 1938 by Aleister Crowley as part of his Thoth tarot deck, and later painted by Lady Frieda Harris.

Persona 3 Portable Female Romance Options: Theodore or Elizabeth

Arcana: N/A

You wouldn’t download a partner… or would you?

At the end of your introductory conversation with Igor in the Velvet Room, he will remind you that he mentioned a second person residing there. He then asks, “When you think of this person, what do you see?”, to which you can respond…

  • “Is it a man?”, which unlocks Theodore.
  • “I think it’s a woman.”, which unlocks Elizabeth.

Both Theodore and Elizabeth have non-standard romance routes, requiring the player to complete certain requests in lieu of traditional dates and dialogue prompts. These requests are predominantly challenges to be completed in Tartarus, the game’s main dungeon, though some may require you to forge specific weapons and Personas.

You’ll need to complete Request #55 in order to unlock both Theodore and Elizabeth’s romance events. Good luck — it’s a toughie!

Once you’ve done that, however, it’s smooth sailing. Just escort your Velvet Room attendant of choice on various dates until they eventually ask to visit your room. Do note, however, that while Theodore’s ending is fairly straightforward, Elizabeth’s is somewhat obtuse — when Elizabeth asks “What am I to you?”, be sure to reply with a very passionate “……” so you can “spend some time alone” together.

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