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Overwatch 2: How to Play Sojourn (Abilities, Skins, & More)

Slide & shoot to psych out your enemies as Sojourn!

Sojourn, or Vivian Chase to her friends (should that be the other way around?) is one of Overwatch 2’s three new heroes available at launch. If you can get into the game to play as her, anyway.  

This Canadian former special forces captain offers a suite of abilities to be effective in the mid-range as a damage hero, with the added bonus of a dash and jump to get in or out of pretty much anywhere at pace. Her pared-back and reasonably straightforward moveset make her a viable choice for newcomers to Overwatch who are familiar with FPS games more generally.

Sojourn has been referenced in Overwatch lore pretty much from the off, making her first appearance in Ana’s animated origin story. She also served alongside Soldier: 76 during the Omnic War before joining Overwatch, and oversaw the Storm Rising mission, which was included as a lore event in 2019. 

And now that Sojourn has made her long-overdue appearance in the game, we go over how her abilities work, her skins, and how to play as her effectively. 

Sojourn’s Abilities

Sojourn sliding on the ground.

Railgun (Primary Fire): This nifty bit of kit blasts out 14 projectiles per second at 9 damage each. It’s absurdly accurate, quick to reload its 45-capacity mag, and each projectile that hits either an enemy or their barrier generates energy for your secondary fire, which encourages aggressive play. 

Railgun (Secondary Fire): While it can be used from the first hit of primary fire that you land, you can store up to 100 units of energy to hit the top end of the 30-130 damage range. The shot’s area of effect also scales up with the amount of energy stored to a maximum of 0.1 metres, so accuracy is vital here. 

Power Slide (Ability): The dance move of choice for all young lads at their school disco. Cover ground at pace, keep firing, and cancel out into a huge jump – there’s some real mobility here. On a six second cooldown. 

Disruptor Shot (Ability): Chuck out a little AOE snare vortex, slowing down and sapping at enemies health for 210 damage over four seconds over an effective area of five metres. Follow this up with some Railgun fire and really let ‘em have it. Has a thrown range of 30 metres, and  a 15 second cooldown. 

Role: Damage (Passive): Like all the other damage heroes, Sojourn benefits from a quick burst of heightened reload and movement skill after eliminating a hero, helping to keep you in the fight a little longer. 

Overclock (Ultimate): Be your best self – for nine seconds, anyway. Overclock fully refills your energy every 1.2 seconds, which lets you keep peeling off secondary shots. Which, by the way, pierce through enemies while your Ultimate is active. 

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Skins

Sojourn has eight skins in Overwatch 2 at launch. You can see their names, rarity, and cost or unlock conditions below.

BorealisRare skin

300 Overwatch Coins

PrairieRare skin

300 Overwatch Coins

TundraRare skin

300 Overwatch Coins

WoodlandRare skin

300 Overwatch Coins

RunnerEpic skin

1000 Overwatch Coins

Captain ChaseLegendary skin

1900 Overwatch Coins

CommandoLegendary skin

Battle pass tier 30

Troop CommanderLegendary skin

1900 Overwatch Coins

Overwatch 2 Sojourn Tips

Move! You can cover some serious distance with the Power Slide and its jump cancel, and can use this both to traverse the maps and to escape sticky situations. The jump cancel itself gets you seriously high – like, woah, man – and so you can position yourself above the fight for some verticality, or just fall screaming into the enemy team letting off your Disruptor Shot and blasting away. And to that point:

Aim! Sojourn’s Railgun relies a lot on accuracy – this is not a hero for a spray and pray approach to DPS. This is particularly felt when you miss a fully charged secondary fire, which is easily done if you’re not on the ball. 

Fire! As detailed above, the Railgun’s secondary fire is charged by hitting opposing heroes, or their shields. The amount of energy stored is visible as number under the crosshair, between 0 and 100. The catch here, however, is that this energy starts to decay after six seconds, so you’ve got to use it or lose it. Enemy tank heroes are a good way to get some charge back in your secondary too, as the more of your bullets they soak up, the closer they’ll be getting you to your next secondary fire.

The Alt-Fire Ult: You can get seven secondary fire shots out over the nine second span of Overclock if you’re really on it, as it takes just over a second for the Ultimate to give you a full charge. But that’s not to say just keep on firing just anywhere – a second is a long time if you’re in the thick of it waiting for a recharge. Keep firing with your primary if in doubt, but take those shots and make it count. 

Use the Disruptor Shot strategically: While it may not have the biggest range or damage output, it’s an incredibly versatile tool. The slowdown effect on your enemies, particularly if you manage to snare a group of them, makes lining up those all-important headshots easier, and your team can take advantage of the opponent’s immobility too. Another sound tactic is to throw it at your feet if another player is coming in close, and pair this with the Power Slide to put some distance between you while getting some shots in. One thing to bear in mind however is that the Disruptor Shot has no weight to it at all, and will activate at the end of its 30 metre range (or if it hits something first) having travelled in a straight line from where you threw it. This too can be used to your advantage – for example, hindering a sniper.

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