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Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror: All Challenges & Rewards

All of the new challenges to complete in the Overwatch 2 seasonal event.

Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror 2022, the sequel’s first seasonal event, has launched, introducing Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride. The free-to-play model has introduced Challenges for players to complete and now includes limited time Challenges available for the Seasonal Event. Here is every Halloween Terror 2022 Challenge and Reward.

Overwatch 2 – Halloween Terror 2022 Seasonal Challenges and Rewards

A list of challenges from Overwatch 2's Halloween Terror event.

There are a total of 24 Seasonal Challenges to complete for Halloween Terror 2022. These all offer varying free rewards from Battle Pass XP to a number of different types of cosmetics. Remember, this event ends November 8th, meaning it is entirely possible that these rewards will become unobtainable.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror 2022 Challenges & Rewards
Wedding Planner – Complete 13 Junkenstein Challenges.Jack-O’-Lantern Weapon Charm
Wrath of the Bride – Win Wrath of the Bride on any difficulty.“Our Tale Begins” – Reinhardt Voice Line
Taking The Plunge – Win Wrath of the Bride on Hard difficulty.Zomnic Graffiti – Spray
Here Comes the Bride – Win Wrath of the Bride on Expert difficulty.1,250 Battle Pass XP
Love Conquers All – Win Wrath of the Bride Legendary difficulty.1,250 Battle Pass XP
Fury of the Heroes – Win Wrath of the Bride with a score of 10,000 or higher.Hasta La Muerte – Spray
Four Brave Heroes – Win Wrath of the Bride as 4 different heroes.Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn Name Card
No Spark – Win Wrath of the Bride without letting the Lord of the Castle take any damage.1,000 Battle Pass XP
The Automaton, Transformed – Eliminate the Experiment while it is in tank form on Hard difficulty or above in Wrath of the Bride.1,000 Battle Pass XP
Re-Tired – Destro 15 Shock-Tires in Wrath of the Bride.“Zomnics Under The Moon” – Ashe Voice Line
Council of the Bride – Eliminate 35 bosses in Wrath of the Bride.“Bodies To bag” – Junker Queen Voice Line
Ominous Portent – Witness all 7 Banshee moments in a single run of Wrath of the Bride.“Tarot Reading” – Kiriko Voice Line
Photozomb – Strike a pose with the bride during her introduction in Wrath of the Bride.“Never Cross the Bridge” – Sombra Voice Line
Knock, Knock… – Disturb the guest in the Tavern in Wrath of the Bride.“Scry Some More” – Kiriko Voice Line
Witch’s Brew – Uncover the fate of a terror past in a hidden corner of Adlersbrunn in Wrath of the Bride.“It’s Always The Widow” – Sojourn Voice Line
Lantern Lit – Crouch at the lantern for 6 seconds while the Ghost is active in Wrath of the Bride.1,000 Battle Pass XP
The Wanderers of Old – Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on any difficulty.1,000 Battle Pass XP
The Endless Night Began – Complete Wave 12 in Junkenstein Endless.500 Battle Pass XP
Unfinished Business – Win Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Vengeful Ghost.500 Battle Pass XP
Spooky, Speedy – Win Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Frenzied Stampede.500 Battle Pass XP
Terrifying Trio – Win Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Three They Were.500 Battle Pass XP
Get Ready For A Shock – Win Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Shocking Surprise.500 Battle Pass XP
Volatile and Vile – Win Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Volatile Zomnics.500 Battle Pass XP
Costume Party – Win Junkenstein Challenge Mission: Mystery Swap.500 Battle Pass XP
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