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Overwatch 2 Competitive: Tips to Help You Climb Ranks

How to escape ELO limbo in the Overwatch sequel.

Overwatch 2’s competitive mode can feel very difficult if you are a new player. It is likely that you will be thrown into lobbies that are full of veteran Overwatch players and it will take some time to find your footing and truly understand all of the nuances of Overwatch 2 gameplay. Our guide seeks to give Overwatch 2 competitive tips to players of all of the lower ranks in the game, from Bronze to Platinum.

How To Get Out Of Bronze In Overwatch 2


If you are a new player and have been placed in Bronze, it is likely that you are not fully comfortable with the heroes you play just yet. It is important to spend time learning different heroes and understanding all of the hero matchups as a beginner.

Learn the Kits of Your Favorite Heroes: You can try out new heroes in quick play and once you figure out which ones you enjoy playing, you can try them out in ranked mode. Instead of focusing on climbing ranks, you should focus on learning the heroes and figuring out when to use your abilities and how to play against specific heroes.

Focus on Teamwork: A lot of FPS players fall into the trap of relying on a solo playstyle when jumping into Overwatch 2. The shooter is very reliant on teamwork and you need to play around your team. Try to understand all of the roles focusing on learning how to tank, deal damage or heal.

Overwatch 2 Competitive: Silver Tier Tips

If you have successfully climbed out of Bronze and made it into Silver, it means that you have a basic understanding of the game. This is when you should focus on your mechanical skill and develop your game sense.

Develop Your Mechanical Skills: Now that you have an understanding of the heroes you play, it is important to develop your mechanical skills which include your positioning, game sense, and your aim.

Communicate With Your Teammates: Use voice chat and try to let your teammates know what plays you have in mind. If you already have someone else taking up the shot-calling role, you can take a backseat, while in other games you could be the one who rallies your teammates.

Overwatch 2 Competitive Tips: How To Get Out Of Gold

Go from gold to platinum in Overwatch 2 with these competitive tips.

Gold is where the game starts to get a little difficult. Gold is where you will find the most players who play the competitive mode. There are a lot of players in the rank and learning to identify mistakes in your gameplay and improving on them is the easiest way out of the rank.

Review Your Footage: We strongly recommend recording your gameplay and reviewing it later. You can also find replays of recent matches by going to Career Profile, then History, then Replays. You need to self-assess and be critical of yourself if you want to improve and be better than the average player you run into. Try to go over your plays and see what you could have done differently in situations. It is also important to review your bad games instead of the ones where you stomp the enemies.  

Develop A Macro Perspective: One of the things you need to learn when improving in Overwatch 2 is to develop a broader view of the game. Some of the things you need to learn to keep track of are your teammate’s positioning, the Ultimate economy, and enemy cooldowns. By keeping track of all enemy abilities in the back of your head, you will be able to play around them a lot more effectively. 

Overwatch 2 Competitive Tips: Rising Above Platinum

How to get out of Platinum in Overwatch 2.

Once you reach Platinum, you can consider yourself better than the average Overwatch player but if you want to keep improving, you need to work on yourself and develop your skills even further.

Managing Ultimate Economies: Knowing when to use your Ultimate or when to fall back and regroup is very important. It is important to guide your team and ensure you have important Ultimates available at the right times. You might find yourself in a losing situation and end up using too many Ultimates at the same time, which will win you the fight but it can situationally lose you the game if the enemy team respawns and responds with their own Ultimates.

Learn Advanced Techniques: This is the stage in the game where you have mastered the basics and it is time to learn advanced techniques. You should consider watching high-level players who play the heroes you do and learning from them. Whether it is Twitch streams or YouTube Videos or guide content, there are plenty of resources out there that can offer you help. Educational streamers can be very helpful as they often explain their thought process when making plays, which you can implement into your own playstyle. 

To climb even higher, it is all a matter of spending enough time in the competitive mode and focusing on your weaknesses. While Overwatch is a team game and sometimes you will be dragged out by your team, you should focus on yourself and how you can have the most impact in the game. By identifying your gameplay weaknesses and constantly striving to improve, you will make it to the high rank that you deserve.